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Seton Summer Quarter Essay Contest

Seton Summer Quarter Essay Contest

Countdown to end of contest: June 16th, 2017








Theme: Your favorite Seton course.

Essays are extremely structured pieces of writing. We are looking for entries where the student is able to communicate clearly, with a great sense of tone and style.

Describe as concretely as possible why this particular topic is your favorite, what about this particular course makes it so exciting for you, and how you are applying it to your experience or toward a future goal.

The best contest entries focus on details and aspects of the course, and how they relate to your interests.

How to Enter

Register for free to enter the contest. Open to Seton high school students, grades 9-12.

All registrants will be part of a special emailing list to keep you updated and informed about the contest.


All submissions will be judged by grade level, with the potential for first and second place finalists for each grade.

  • 1st place: $100
  • 2nd place: $50


Judging will focus on clarity of thought, use of the essay format, and adherence to the topic theme.

Maximum Length

800 words. 1 entry per student.


It’s important to master the three step structure of an essay:

  1. introductory paragraph with topic statement
  2. At least three paragraphs explaining your rationale, or breaking down your topic statement into three communicable points.
  3. A summary paragraph that directly answers the first paragraph.

The summary paragraph is not the place to introduce new information, or a final point. It’s where you summarize the key points of your essay so that someone can read the first paragraph and last paragraph, and understand what you want to communicate.

Any questions? Ask away!

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