4 Top Tips for Mastering Subjects You Can’t Stand

4 Top Tips for Mastering Subjects You Can’t Stand

Let’s admit it, we don’t love every single subject, do we?

I definitely don’t. Maths and Spanish are the two most hated subjects I do. There is nothing, however, I can do about it but try and get good grades.

Even though I’ve only worked at Seton for just over a year, I’ve already devised methods to help me catch up on subjects and tests I’ve fallen behind on, and how to overcome overwhelming subjects.

Here are my four top tips for rising above my pet hates.

1. Find out what it is exactly that you hate about it.

This might not sound like a top tip, but honestly, it is.

Working out what you don’t like about a subject can help you find the best way to overcome your dread, for example, what I don’t like about my maths is the fact that I struggle to keep the methods in my head; and then when it comes to tests I forget everything! When I worked this out, I began writing out the whole lesson, or part of it, word for word.

This might sound crazy or time-consuming, but it worked for me. I learn by vision, so writing out my maths lessons and drawing the methods in a easy fashion with simple words has helped me wonderfully.

2. Get help.

Getting help with a subject we struggle with or don’t particularly enjoy is very… well, helpful! Having a parent or older sibling to help you with your subject without telling you the answers is a great way to help you enjoy a subject.

My own Papa helps me with my Maths, and my mother helps me with my Spanish. It’s great when they help me, because they know how I learn, and take great effort in helping me.

Another bonus with this is that I get to spend quality time with them.

3. Take advantage of inspiration.

Sometimes a lesson can be very long. Tests can be fearful too, especially if we didn’t get good marks in the previous test. But finding inspiration, though, can work wonders.

Personally, I find it motivating when I get up in the morning and read a quotation. The best ones are found in the Bible or the scriptures. But you can simply find them on the internet. Here are some of my favorites:

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed; for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I uphold you with My righteous right hand. (Isaiah 41:10)

If plan A didn’t work, the Alphabet has 25 more letters- stay cool! The one who falls and gets back up is much stronger than the person who never fell. When everything feels like an uphill struggle, just think about the view from the top!

Everyone has different means of inspiration. Personally, I like quotations. I also like getting up in the morning and getting myself perfectly ready to start the day.

As I said before, inspiration works wonders!

4. Reward yourself.

You say to yourself: “I will do this Maths test today, and leave the Spanish one until tomorrow.” It’s easy to leave things ‘until tomorrow’, but in reality, tomorrow might be different from what you anticipated it to be.

You might have done five other tests already today, but if you have the time, why not do that one you said you would tomorrow? The line between overworking yourself and just being a little lazy is very fine, and often difficult to find, but in the end it’s worth the discovery.

Once I’ve found the inspiration to do that dreaded Maths test, I always plan a ‘reward’ that I can give myself afterwards. No matter how small it may be, I always feel more motivated to do the test once I tell myself I will get a reward.

Perhaps you could buy yourself a small bag of sweets, or give yourself extra time to write that story you’ve been pining to write for days. Or that reward might even be just ‘taking a break’. Whenever I finally receive the reward I set myself, it always feels (or tastes!) better than it actually is because I’ve worked towards it.

So, go and tackle those tests or lessons, and when you’ve won the battle you will feel amazing – trust me!

About Elodie Pierlot

Elodie Pierlot is fifteen years old, and the eldest of five homeschooling children in England. I am half French, and have British, Irish, Norwegian, and even Algerian blood in me too! I have been homeschooled all my life, but only with Seton since 2015. My hobbies include: Dancing -ballet, tap, modern, jazz, and character-,Royal Marines Cadets, sailing, sliding seat rowing, cooking -not baking-, story writing, and messing around with my younger siblings. My favourite subjects are: English, physics, and history- but I despise mathematics and Spanish. When I am older, I hope to be either a professional dancer, or in the military, along with being a published author.


  1. Elodie Pierlot

    Oops! That bio is wrong, perhaps you could change it Seton? It says I am a graduate of Seton and Uni, which (unfortuantely) I’m not yet! XD

    • Seton Home Study School

      Thanks for catching that! Could you write up a correct version of your bio and send it to us via the contact page? :)

      • Elodie Pierlot

        Haha sure:

        I am the eldest of five children, and live in England. I’ve been homeschooled all my life but only started Seton in 2015. I love writing, dancing, and more writing and dancing! I am a Royal Marines Cadet Lance Corporal and an Intermediate ballet dancer. One day I hope to be a published author and Police Woman :)

  2. Emily McKinnon

    Great article, Elodie!!! It’s very helpful. I have the tendency of setting tests off to the side a lot–namely, History. So, this helped me quite a bit. Thank you!–now, I am off to go finish those tests… (:

    • Elodie Pierlot

      Yayy great! I kinda need to look at my own tips, ‘cos I’m getting so behind on spanish and maths XD Glad u liked it :)

      • Emily McKinnon

        I know how you feel…I’m still way behind on History and Math tests…not to mention, my French has yet to be caught up on….(;
        I’m gonna have to come back every so often just to reread it all, and tell myself “I can do this” again. (:

        • Elodie Pierlot

          There’s French???!!! I’ve been really wanting to do that, instead of Spanish! I’m half french, and got practically half the world in me but no Spanish so I want to do French instead! XD Thanks for saying that! :)

          And great, I’m glad it’s helpful! :)

          • Emily McKinnon

            Well, Seton doesn’t have a finished French course yet. So, I’ve been using Rosetta Stone. It’s works great, though! As a matter of fact, I just finished the entirety of my French today! Je suis très content! (:
            Funny you should say that, because I am almost half French too–well, French-Canadian. But, I’m mostly Irish!

          • Elodie Pierlot

            Oh okay, will you switch to Seton then once the course in complete?
            And it’s funny, we are so like each other- perhaps we’re long lost twins or something?? XD And I’m quarter Irish too…. :)

          • Emily McKinnon

            I might switch…I’m not sure yet. See, I need to do 2 years of language either way, and the Rosetta Stone course I used didn’t last that long. Because, Seton announced that this Summer they will have their finished French course. So, I am either going to start that in Summer and go on for the next year 1/2, or I’m going to repeat Rosetta Stone so that I become more fluent in French. I’m not sure what to do. As of now, I am just taking a bit of a break before really getting into something else.
            Maybe we are long lost twins…Haha! That’s so funny! Yeah, I am mainly Irish and French-Canadian, but I got plenty more in my genes. (:

  3. Giselle Faber

    That was a really cool article!!! And very helpful. You are sooo right about Math!! It is so difficult to keep all of that stuff in your head!!!

    • Elodie Pierlot

      Haha thanks, Giselle! :))

  4. Immanuel Portus

    Thanks for the upbeat advice! Keep it up!

    • Elodie Pierlot


  5. Veronica Brown (Goyette)

    Oh wow these are good. <3 I really fell into 'do it tomorrow' and not knowing what I hate about certain subjects. Finding what you hate can be really hard, probably because it involves personally taking responsibility… If you can't find it though it will seep into other subjects and make working seem impossible :/ its quite a vicious cycle, but its not unbeatable thankfully.

    Good article :)

    • Elodie Pierlot

      Thanks, Veronica! :)


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