Privileged to Grow Closer to God Each Day

Privileged to Grow Closer to God Each Day

Elise Feola is a 2018 What Homeschooling Has Helped Me Achieve
Essay Contest participant!

Many people do not understand or approve of homeschooling.

They worry that the students will not be properly educated. They think the students will have difficulties socializing or making their way in the world outside of the home. Some worry how homeschoolers will be able to pull through college without having any prior experience to a classroom schedule.

However, homeschooling has many benefits that can help students achieve great abilities and life skills that might not be gained otherwise. For me, homeschooling has provided a way for me to grow in my faith in God and to form a relationship with him.

So many people believe in God and go through the motions of their Faith, but do not have a relationship with him. This is very sad when people profess themselves as Christians but do not even know God personally. If we truly want to succeed in living out our Faith, we must know the core of our Faith: God.

I must say I am very blessed to have a wonderful family that knows God very well. Homeschooling has given me time to watch and learn from my parents and other family members how to have a relationship with God.

Every morning when I wake up, at least one of my parents is already awake praying. It has been a crucial part of my upbringing to see my parents living out their Faith, not only at church, but at home.

Then after all of us kids have eaten breakfast, our whole family gathers to pray together and read the Bible. After our day is over, we always say our prayers together before we go to bed. This time of being with Jesus along with my family has helped me know him more. It has also shown me there is always time for prayer, even in the midst of a busy school day.

Even though we pray together as a family, my parents encourage us to find time to pray on our own too. This has prepared me for life once I leave the home. I try to pray in between school or before or after school so I will have a strong routine set for when I am not with family.

Every morning when I wake up, at least one of my parents is already awake praying.

Because school is a constant thing day after day, I find it more refreshing to pray if I change the kind of prayer I do often. Sometimes I will pray the rosary, while other days I will pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet. A lot of the time, I simply pray non-written prayers because that feels more personal. It can help to know that God is my friend who I can talk to just like anyone else.

Many people struggle with this because they do not know what to say to God. Being homeschooled my whole life has given me much time to listen to how my parents talk freely to God. This has taught me how to do it myself.

Both of my parents are involved with the parishes in our city. They are intentional about using their gifts to bring others closer to the Holy Spirit. Being homeschooled has allowed me to be with them during many of their church outings.

I often go with my dad to join others in learning about God. I also help my mom with singing during Mass. Homeschooling has given us more time to practice the music together. It has been a wonderful privilege to be able to step out and grow in my talents.

One of the most helpful skills homeschooling has helped me attain is the knowledge of how to survive hard times as a family. Trials come to everyone, and being at home with my family has given me the opportunity to watch and learn how to get through them.

I have discovered how to work together as a team with my family members in difficult situations. When times are tough, my parents and siblings have taught me how to continue praying and living out my Faith. I have learned how to stay strong and not let hardships tear me down. The time homeschooling has provided for me has given me more time of my own to pray so I can more efficiently survive the trials of this life.

Overall, homeschooling has made me a better Catholic. The time at home and extra time to be at church has offered me knowledge about my Faith and how to have a relationship with Jesus.

Some may call these skills, but I think of them more as gifts. Not all people have the gift that homeschooling has given me. I know I am privileged to be able to fall in love with Jesus in my own home.

I don’t have to wait until school is done for the day, or for someone to drive me to church. I have Jesus in my home, which is the greatest gift I can ever hope to have.

About Elise Feola

Elise Feola Many children have the privilege of being homeschooled but Elise thinks that few appreciate the gift they been given. For her, that gift is apparent in the time provided to watch and learn from her family. Her parents have shown her how to be intentional to bring others closer to the Holy Spirit. And she has learned how to work as a team in difficult situations, how to continue praying and live out her Faith. FHomeschooling has given Elise the gift of learning from her family and growing in her Faith and the knowledge that she has a richer relationship with Jesus Christ

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