3 Reasons Why You Will Want to Upload Your Seton Assignment

3 Reasons Why You Will Want to Upload Your Seton Assignment

Benefits of Uploading

Some Seton families by circumstance or choice are not internet users. For those who can submit work electronically, however, there are several benefits for the family and for Seton.

How to Upload Assignments:

  • Faster Results

Grading electronic work is easier for graders, making grading turnaround times faster for everyone.

  • Better Advice

Electronic work is instantly accessible to counselors and makes the assistance they can offer easier and better should you ever have questions.

  • Your Work is Saved

Electronic work is permanently saved in our system. There is no danger of it getting lost in the mail or in your files.

When you know how, uploading an assignment can take less than a minute.

1. Click the gray “Courses” tab on your MySeton page, then click the course name.

2. Locate and click the name of the assignment you wish to submit, and then click the picture across from the assignment that pops up an “Upload assignment” message when you hover your cursor over it.

For tests that are multiple-choice or fill-in-the-blank, you may also see an option to take an “online test.” This allows you to take the test entirely online and get an instant grade.

3. Every time you click to upload an assignment, a FAQ form will pop up to answer any questions you may have about the uploading process.

Should you have further questions or need help in the upload process, you will be given the option to contact our computer department.

Thank you!

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