The Quarterly Magazine for Seton High Schoolers

The Bayley Bulletin brings Seton teens advice and inspiration, perspectives from other teens and graduates, features from our College Partners, and a showcase for our quarterly contests.

Why the Bulletin?

Seton high school students are famously creative. They’re achievers, and more often than not, good at what they turn their attention to.

That’s why in 2015, Seton started up quarterly contests and challenges, to provide an outlet that encourages students to express their creativity, connect with each other, and make their high school journey more enjoyable.

Apart from the fun of flexing mental muscles, students gain real life experiences in crafting entries according to guidelines, submitting their content, and learning from counselors’ feedback. Finalists are featured in the Bayley Bulletin magazine, and awarded prize monies for their efforts.

Most of all, we want students to enjoy high school. Through these fun contests and activities, we will fill up our collective trove of inspiration for each other, and future high school students.

Special Note to Parents

The Bayley Bulletin doesn’t exist without the proud support, involvement and oversight of our Seton families and parents.

Your support team in the Seton Staff is here with you to oversee their children to expand their creativity, and learn to communicate with courtesy and intelligence online.

With your involvement, we can continue cultivating a friendly, formative and Faith-based environment for our children.

Contest Finalists

Each quarter, Seton hosts a contest to challenge the creativity of Seton high school students. From short stories, to poetry, to essays, Seton students continue to demonstrate their passion for imaginative and well-articulated writing. The finalists from these contests and challenges are showcased in the Bulletins.

Alum Profiles

Seton’s alums frequently go on to explore exciting paths, or find interesting ways to put their hard-won education to good use. This series invites Seton graduates to share their experiences out in the world, in their careers, or in their vocations. Whatever they are accomplishing, they readily have advice and encouragement. The Bayley Bulletin welcomes their stories and successes so that enrolled high schoolers continue to be inspired to pursue their graduation.

Student Profiles

Seton students all live in different places around the world, with different kinds of families, interests, and ideas for the future. This series acquaints students with other high schoolers, and shares their experiences. Seton students are often involved in crafts, extra-curricular activities, and situations ripe with excitement and advice. The Bayley Bulletin is eager to share these inspirational profiles among the Seton community.


Challenges & Articles

Each quarter, Seton students are welcome to enter into various challenges to explore interests and ideas for future contests. They are much less formal than a contest, with finalist nominations online and publication as a prize. Throughout the year, students are encouraged to write about their experiences and ideas, and suggest them to Seton counselors to be considered for publication online.

About Seton Home Study School

For more than 30 years, Seton Home Study School has developed a reputation for devotion to the Catholic Faith and high levels of academic excellence. We are a full-service program for grades Pre-K through 12, built around the needs of individual students and families.

The students and families enrolled with Seton have the unique opportunity to partake of the fullness of Catholic truth as they experience the beauty, freedom, and peace that comes from Catholic moral and academic formation in a family setting.

Visit us at for Enrollment opportunities and more information.

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