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Homeschooling is education for the 21st century. It is the education that breaks away from the constrictions of the Industrial Age and moves forward into the Information Age.

In the Industrial Age, products were mass produced so that everything was the same. In the Information Age, we have the era of “mass customization.” Lots of products can be produced, but each can be tailored to the specific needs of a single user.

That is exactly what homeschooling does—takes the best of what has been thought, written, and discovered, and delivers it in a way that is customized to each student.

Each student learns and succeeds at his or her own rate, rather than being sped up or slowed down by thirty other students in the class.

Homeschooling is the cutting edge of education, but it is not some new fad. It is a method of education that has proved itself, time and time again, for centuries. By any measure, but especially by standardized test scores, homeschooling has shown itself to be the best method of education available today.

Homeschooling with Seton is the best homeschooling there is. Seton has been providing educational services to homeschoolers for nearly thirty years. Seton provides not only lesson plans, but also counseling by phone and e-mail, so you know that you will never be lost in a course without someone to help you.

Seton’s counselors for subjects such as math, science, and languages afford you a level of expertise and personal attention you would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

A homeschool program that’s flexible and academically excellent. From Pre-K through 12th grade, Seton is the premier Catholic, accredited, and surprisingly affordable solution.

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What Others Say

Thomas Keefe, President of University of DallasThomas Keefe, President of University of Dallas

Seton students are very well rounded. We found that homeschooled children over all are well prepared. Approximately 15% of the incoming freshman class every year are homeschooled students. Of them, Seton are probably the best prepared.

Stephen Minnis, President of Benedictine CollegeStephen Minnis, President of Benedictine College

I have a lot of personal experience with the Seton students. They are very involved in the college. We find them as leaders. Just yesterday, in fact, I had lunch with Kerin Casey, who is one of our top freshmen from Rhode Island, and you can just tell the formation that she received through the Seton program really carried on here at Benedictine College.That’s exactly the type of person we are excited about.

Tom McFadden, Vice President, Enrollment, Christendom College

Tom McFadden, Vice President, Enrollment, Christendom College

Over my many years working in the Admissions Office at Christendom College, I have seen thousands of well-qualified students apply for enrollment at our Catholic liberal arts college. And year after year, the applicants who stand out the most are generally those who are enrolled in the Seton Home Study program. Once enrolled, Seton graduates excel in the academic arena, as well as in their extra-curricular pursuits. Over the past number of years, our top scholars in each graduating class have come from a Seton Home Study background. Seton graduates do very well at Christendom College – it’s an ideal partnership.

The Hendershott FamilyThe Hendershott Family

In the end, we found Seton Home Study School. It was the highest-rated, most complete Catholic curriculum available in the country, with regional accreditation. Seton helps equip our children with good study habits and discipline, which prepares them for success in college and for life in the world.

agarThe Agar Family

Homeschooling Johnny and Annie through Seton was one of the best decisions of our life. They are ready to meet the challenges that college will bring them. They are armed with the intellectual knowledge that Seton provided to them in their syllabus every year, but more importantly, they are armed with the spiritual fortitude Seton gave them.

The Lyons FamilyThe Lyons Family

Seton has also given me confidence as a mother and as a high school teacher that my children will be well equipped academically and spiritually to head out into the world. If I fall short in my abilities to help the kids with certain assignments, the Seton staff are always willing to assist the kids with any difficulties. Thanks to Seton, we’ve been able to continue our family life of faith-filled adventure through God’s creation.

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