Alumna Profile | Laura Whitehead

Alumna Profile | Laura Whitehead

1. How long were you homeschooled through Seton, and what did you like about the experience?

I was homeschooled with Seton from kindergarten through my senior year of high school. I absolutely loved the experience. During my childhood, I loved being able to play with my brothers during lunch hour and visit with my grandpa during our “ten minute break.”

I always loved this aspect of homeschooling, but as I grew up, and looking back now, there was another equally important benefit of homeschooling.

The education which I received was second to none. I gained the skills and knowledge to succeed academically, all the while receiving the means to grow in the love of God and His Church. I could not be more grateful to God, to my parents, and to Seton Home Study School for this wonderful education.

2. Where did you go to college, and what is your degree?

I attended Olney Central College, where I earned an Associate’s Degree in Arts and Science and then I attended Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville, where I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in English, with a minor in Music.

I am currently attending Christendom College Graduate School via the online curriculum, and am about to complete the coursework for the Masters of Arts in Moral Theology.

3. How did your Seton education help you navigate the college experience?

After completing Seton Home Study School, I was very well prepared for college. Contrary to popular belief, I did not have a problem adjusting to the classroom situation nor to the social setting. I was able to navigate through the many negative situations and influences which abound on college campuses, while learning all the important information and obtaining my degree.

I had no difficulty adjusting to college level academics, and even difficult classes were completely manageable with the skills that I had gained through Seton. The English, Reading, and Composition courses from Seton are outstanding, and made clear and cohesive writing second nature for me, a skill which many college professors recognized.

4. What are you doing now?

I am currently working toward my Master’s Degree in Catholic Moral Theology from Christendom Graduate School, and will finish in early 2018. I am also serving as Respect Life Coordinator at my local parish.

Along with the Respect Life Committee, I opened Guadalupe Project. Guadalupe Project, as an outreach of the Respect Life Program, opened in June of 2015 as a local prolife resource for young families and expectant mothers. Guadalupe Project has seen significant growth in the past year and a half. In November of 2016 it was incorporated as its own non-profit organization, and I am currently serving as president of Guadalupe Project Foundation, Inc.

I also recently began a job as a publisher with Lighthouse Catholic Publishing, which provides local magazines for Catholic parishes and works to strengthen both local parishes and communities.

5. What gives you passion or motivation in your current occupation?

In all of my current activities and occupations, I a motivated by a deep love for God and His Church. I hope that all of my projects and activities will further a culture which has a love for God and a respect for all human life.

My plans for Guadalupe Project and a desire to build a culture of life solidified during my senior year of high school when I wrote a research paper on Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion in America.

The knowledge gained through the research reaffirmed my prolife values, and spurred me on to work actively in promoting a prolife culture. Throughout high school, the excellent religious education program, which included reading and studying the entire Bible and delving deep in to current moral issues, left me with a sense of the urgency and importance of working to build a culture which is focused on God and His truth.

I pray that I always remained focused on these goals throughout whatever path life takes.

6. Any advice for current Seton High-Schoolers?

Make the most of your time with Seton.

One day you will miss the days when you could be cozy in your home, studying the truth of God with people who love you. Seton provides you with the knowledge and skill to pursue whatever vocation God is calling you to pursue.

More importantly, Seton provides a great education and an excellent way to further each student’s knowledge of and love for God and His Church. This knowledge, faith, and love of God will carry you through this life and on toward eternal life with God in Heaven.

On the days when the studies seem difficult, stressful, and overwhelming, just take a deep breath and power through. I promise it will most certainly be worth the effort.

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