Lea Named Outstanding Leader – Inspired to Change the World

Lea Named Outstanding Leader – Inspired to Change the World

Lea Koehler, Seton Home Study School Class of 2014, graduated Summa Cum Laude from Virginia Tech in May 2018.

Having received her Bachelor of Science in Business Information Technology Decision Support Systems with a minor in International Business, Lea will be working full time for Deloitte starting this summer.

Lea thanks her homeschooling from kindergarten through high school with Seton Home Study School for giving her a strong academic and faith-based foundation for college. She explained that Seton’s challenging yet rewarding program helped her to be disciplined, curious, and excited about her studies. It taught her to not learn just facts, but how to “learn” well.

Lea has a plethora of interests including spending time with friends and family, service work, traveling, and sports fitness. She is also a fitness instructor and has earned four certifications while at college.

Through self-motivation and those around her, Lea is inspired every day to make a difference in the world using the gifts and talents that she has been blessed to receive. She related that even if the positive difference is small in nature, she believes that acts of kindness can change the world for the better.

While she enjoys studying everything and anything, some of her favorite subject matters involve technology and literature. She went on to say that she looks forward to remaining inquisitive and to never stop learning.

In the photo above, Lea is receiving the H.H. Mitchell Outstanding Leadership Award from Kay P. Hunnings, Associate Dean for Administration in the Pamplin College of Business at Virginia Tech.

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