The Seton Highschool Community

Seton students live across the USA and beyond. Their interests, goals, and accomplishments are promoted in these Seton publications and forums.

The Bayley Bulletin

The Bayley Bulletin brings Seton teens advice and inspiration, perspectives from other teens and graduates, features from our College Partners, and is a showcase for our quarterly contests.

Student Achievements

Currently enrolled and graduated Seton students share their achievements, successes, and stories, and get to know other Seton students from around the world. Seton shares them with the rest of the community to inspire and encourage families.

The Seton Chess Club

Seton has a lively online community of chess players, making new friends and honing their skills at foresight, imagination and patience. Students challenge each other on the checkerboard of pawns and kings.

Student Forums

Sometimes it is helpful to discuss lessons with another student or a teacher. Students and parents can respond to each other and post moderated questions or comments about Seton courses in a secured environment.

Student & Alumni Profiles

Student & Alumni Profiles

Enrolled Seton students and alumni share their success stories, high school tips and advice on college and careers. Their profiles inspire enrolled Seton high schoolers to continue pursuing their graduation goals.

Seton on Campus

Seton on Campus

Seton graduates in colleges write in about their experiences on campus and recommendations for success in college, as College Correspondents in our College Partner Program.

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