English – My Favorite Seton Course | An Essay by Juliana Fonticoba

English – My Favorite Seton Course  | An Essay by Juliana Fonticoba

Juliana Fonticoba is the Honorable Mention for Grade 10 in the 2017 Your Favorite Seton Course Essay Contest

There are many different Seton courses that are important and helpful yet fun. My personal favorite is English. The course on English teaches us how to be creative with words, how to write powerful essays and book analysis, and how to write a good research report.

There are many reasons why my favorite course is English. One reason is because of the way they teach you how to use a variety of words, not just the same ones. I had a lot of fun writing a five paragraph essay on what I smell, hear, taste, see, and feel on a snowy day in my backyard. I got to use my imagination and I had to use similes and metaphors. Thanks to the English course Seton provides, I greatly expanded my vocabulary. Another reason I love the English course is because of the creative writing. Seton taught me new ways of expressing my ideas rather than using clichés. They also taught me the difference between abstract and concrete words, and how to use descriptive adjectives. It was important but fun at the same time.

The English course taught me the correct format for essays and for outlines. This was important because there were many times when I needed to know these formats and because of the Seton English course I did. The many book analyses I did showed me how to analyze a book and write about it. English has helped me to understand and recognize character traits, conflicts, climaxes, and resolutions. As Catholics, we need to know our morals and because of the morality essays I have had to write, I learned about the many morals that there are. In addition to this, I learned about vices and how to avoid immoral actions, words, attitudes, and thoughts. This is valuable information for a Catholic to know, especially to know how to keep a moral life.

To learn how to write lengthy papers, such as a research report, is significant in the Seton English course. During the period of time given to write a research report, I have learned how to pick a topic, making sure it was not too narrow nor broad, how to gather resource materials, and how to prepare bibliography cards. It took a great deal of work and time to find enough information and to piece it together. I had to change some things and rearrange others, but when I had written my final draft, everything fit into its own place. In the end it was a great paper. English is my favorite course not only because of the way they teach me how to write and use good vocabulary, but also because they find a way to incorporate the faith into it, which is very important, especially in the world today.

Though there are many different courses, because of the way Seton teaches me how to write research reports, how to write strong book analysis’ and essays, and how to be creative in writing and with words, English is my favorite Seton course.

About Juliana Fonticoba

Juliana Fonticoba is in tenth grade with Seton Home Study School; her favorite subject is English. Aside from instructing tennis and working at an ice cream shop, she enjoys reading, swimming in the summer, and acting at a local theater. She also babysits her younger siblings. When she graduates she hopes to become an elementary school teacher.

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