Episode 2: Polly Milton’s Memoirs

Episode 2: Polly Milton’s Memoirs

Episode 2

Polly describes the course of her first day in the city… so far! Mistaken identities, a sobbing child, a staring grandmother, and more make this an exciting entry in Polly Milton’s Memoirs.

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A gifted musician, Polly comes to the city to try to support herself by earning a living teaching music. She finds her upper-crust city friends much less welcoming to a working-class woman, and learns some new lessons about true tragedies and the every day kindnesses that make a big difference in a hard world. Meanwhile, Polly struggles with affairs of the heart when a seemingly perfect suitor starts to court Polly, while she still harbors an unrequited love for a much less perfect person. What decisions Polly makes, and how her tale ends are two questions that can only be answered by reading Louisa May Alcott’s An Old-Fashioned Girl.

For purposes of modernization, Polly Milton’s Memoirs does not maintain all of the exact names, places, and objects found in the original book. Nicknames may be traced back to their root names, and replaced with more modern monikers, i.e. Fanny comes from Frances, but since no one in the 21st century wants to be called a fanny pack, Frances becomes “Cessa”.

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