Ex Nocte | A Sonnet By Christen Ruiz

Ex Nocte | A Sonnet By Christen Ruiz

Christen Ruiz is the 2nd Place Winner for Grade 10 in the 2015-16 Sonnet Contest

The darkness cast its shadow o’r the night;
Its dreary, lengthy hours slowly spent.
All while a tomb devoid of life and light,
For three sad days had caused so much lament.
For dark of night had overcome the day;
The sun no more its gladd’ning light did give.
The Light of Men did evil’s forces slay,
And so it seemed that life no more would live.
But lo, on the horizon there is light!
And from this light the darkness runs and cowers;
Out of the tomb the Son is rising bright,
So empty tomb is stripped of all its powers.
Rejoice! From tomb and night comes life and light;
The day has conquered darkness in the fight.

About Christen Ruiz

Christen Ruiz is 15 years old, in tenth grade, and enjoying her second year of school with the Seton program. She was born in Canada, and lived there for the first few years of her life. Now she lives in the beautiful, rural town of Saline, Michigan, along with her nine hilarious chickens and family. She is the second eldest child in her wonderful family, which consists of her amazing parents, five brothers, and three sisters. She enjoys reading, writing, spending time with her family and friends, good movies, photography, walks in the sunrise and at night under the stars, listening to classical music, and sports. She especially appreciates her parish, Christ the King, and her youth group there. She is very thankful to be Catholic, and she likes to spend time thinking and talking about the wonderful truths of the Church.

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