To Have Faith | A Short Story by Emily McKinnon

To Have Faith | A Short Story by Emily McKinnon

This story was submitted for the 2015 Winter Quarter Short Story Contest. While it wasn’t a finalist entry, the judges enjoyed it, and felt it merited being shared with the community. Congratulations, Emily!

I lay down my weary head upon the feathered pillow.  A long hard day deserves a long rest.  My muscles ache horribly.  From every bone I feel as though I have been broken and beaten through my skin.

How much longer will I be able to endure such rough work completely alone?  I feel as though the end is already near; nearer and nearer every day.

With a sigh and a close of my eyes I fall into a deep sleep, knowing that in a matter of hours I will be awakened to do only more work.

At precisely four thirty in the morning I am shaken awake.  My eyes are red and watery.  Inside my mind I know that the day’s work will be too much to endure.

Since the day I was sold, I have been slaving away at this terrible house.  For ten years, I have been chopping, feeding, building, killing, skinning, and breaking all my bones in the process.

No longer do I feel I will survive another day.  No longer am I that boy looking ahead to a future I so long for.  I hide my tortured face in my sore hands and try hard not to cry.  No tears come out, for my eyes are in too much pain to do anything.  My eyesight is blurry and hazy.  My muscles are sore and in much need of proper care and treatment.

I sigh softly.  I know that if I spend another moment lying in my bed, I will only have to do more work.  I stand slowly.  The pain runs down from head to toe.  My head swirls in pain and hunger.  Last I have eaten was the hay in the barn.  I do become desperate at times.

Hardly ever am I fed, or even given notice to.  I rarely have a meal a day.  Instead, I am eating the hay from the horses, the food for the pigs, and the raw fish at the river.

Days became years long in my mindset.  Years became eons.  I am now sixteen and still being treated like an animal.  I risk my very life nearly every day.  I am sore from the bone out.

Skinny, yet muscular from all the work I have endured; barefoot, and nearly always shirtless, for I am hardly given clothing.  When I am clothed it is only the rare times in which winter brings a deadly storm.

My life is hard and dreary.  I am convinced that every day will bring another aspect of my death.

Every night I pray to God to just let me be done with it.  That He may spare me the pain and end my dreary life.  If death is not to be given, I spend other nights in prayers of help.  For someone to be sent to help me with the work I endure alone.  My prayers, however, are never answered.

I grow in both strength and age.  I am now eighteen and still slaving away for my life.

I lay my head upon the uncomfortable feathered pillow and close my eyelids.  The black seems so usual.  I am already convinced that my eyesight will soon leave me.

At times, I pray for this.  For, if I were a blind man I would not be forced to do such hard labor.  Then at other times I realize that even if I were blind, my cruel owners would still force me to do all the work.  I am bruised, beaten, and sore.

From my head to my toes, I feel numb.  I never even noticed that I am crying until the soft touch of cool wetness runs down my cheeks.

My life has become hard and miserable.

I have no real family.  No family to love, and to be loved by.  I need help so desperately.

If I am forced to always do the work, I will soon die.  Starvation and dehydration overcome me.  It becomes normal for me to have fainting spells, and moments of hunger pains.  I am, of course, taken care of.  I am given a splash of water on my face, a few slaps on my cheeks, a bite of bread, and then sent back to work.

It isn’t an unwanted life.  Then again, it isn’t worth the pain, either.  I feel that I need to see the light.  I need to know why I am being put through this torture.  I need answers.  And I need them soon.

Will my entire life revolve around being a slave?  Am I never meant to have a true calling?  What I am being put through and why makes not the tiniest bit of sense in my mind.  All I know is that I will never know true happiness.  That is, at least in my mind I am convinced I will never find happiness.

I suppose it is God’s own way of trying my patience that He never sends me the aid I so desire.

Along the narrow, long and painful road, I begin to see my life fading before my very eyes.  I seem to be nearly blind now, and the fact that I will possibly never be able to see scares me eternally.  How can God not see how deeply I yearn for help?

How can He hear my daily prayers and never answer them?  Every night I will pray for the aid I need and the happiness I so long for.

Will my prayers never be answered?  Will I always be homeless and lonely?  Will I always have a fear to live?


The only treasure I have in this world is a small ripped book; a magical book from my childhood.  Before I was torn away from my family, I was given this small treasure I now love.  I vaguely remember being given a small package tied up in burlap.

I remember now how I tore apart the paper to see a small and glorious book, filled with happiness, faith, and magic.  It was the story of Peter Pan, and so dearly did I treasure the story!  I would lay down to rest, and pull from under the hay a small book, fading and nearly ripped on every page.  Still, I care not for the appearance of the book.  What I do care for are the memories I have tucked away deeply in the pages.

But, out of all of those pages, one kept the most glorious memory.  I recall it now as I was being taken away from my family.  My mother had reminded me that day of a page.  A page in my book which held the most important advice one could ever be given.  In large black print, fading and yet still beautiful, said the words which will always cling to my heart: “To have faith, is to have wings…”

Ah, what truth and beauty I could see in those seven words!

If I keep my faith, I am sure to be given the wings of freedom; freedom from slavery and all the worlds’ evil.  That book which I treasure so dearly is sure to be the only thing that keeps me alive.  Through all of the pain I have gone through, and all the trials I have been given, I somehow managed to live.  I do not in the least enjoy the hardships of my life, yet still I feel that so long as I keep my faith, I will keep my life.

I finger through the soft ripped pages and stop instantly at the memorable page.  “To have faith…”  I muse over the words over and over until I find the true meaning of them.  “Please, God,” I lift my head and hands in prayer.  “Send me aid!  I need help, Lord.  If I am left to this work all by myself, I fear I will die!  Please, hear my prayer, Father!  Send me help!”  Tears roll down my cheeks.

The coolness of the wet feels so refreshing, that I am soon forcing the tears out only for the pleasure of the cold.  Surely, God must notice how hard it is for one person to do all the work.

Surely, He must know how desperate I am for food, warmth, and aid.  So desperately I need these things.  At times such as these, I wonder whether God is listening or not.  Sometimes, I doubt He ever listens to a prayer I pray.

The faith I once had is gradually becoming smaller and smaller.  This, I do not choose, nor do I want.  I wanted to keep that faith which keeps me alive.  I wanted to take my faith to heights!  With that small bit of faith, I was sure I could fly.

Away from all this horror which surrounds me, I wish to be free.  I wish, hope, and pray.  More than anything, I want freedom.  Much to my regret, however, I am never given the beauty of the prayer I pray.

My prayers for aid seem impossible at this time.  I am so surely convinced that God wishes to show me just how difficult it can be to endure all the work.

So convinced am I that God wishes for me to die an early death.  I will not argue if this is His plan.  I find it a perfect death.  I would much rather die, however, knowing that I was freed from slavery beforehand.  Death often enters my mind.  At times, I am even close to committing suicide.

These rare occasions come only when I am starving or near death already.  It seems so ridiculous for such things to be entering a nineteen-year-old boy’s mind.  I try to keep these things from my mind; however, they constantly find their way in no matter what.

Days pass by slowly.  I become stronger in appearance, and mind.  I am soon convinced that God will hear my prayer in time.  I have a strange feeling that He believes I have endured enough, and it is time for aid to be sent.  Of course, I am not positive that I will be sent help.  I only hope.

As days become longer, the hope I once had becomes weaker.  I lose nearly all hope in being sent help.  That night of the most horrible day, I lay deeply in the pile of hay and twigs.  My eyes are watery and waiting to cry tears of depression.

However, I can not find strength enough to cry.  I am alone and miserable; just as every night.  I miss that wonderful thing called home.  So dearly I miss the word: family.  I need company.  Company which I will not be afraid I will be mistreated by.  Now I do not only pray for a helping hand; now I pray for a helping hand which will know the meaning of friendship, loyalty, and love.

The next day is wet and rainy.  Through all of this weather, one would think any slave owners would not force a young boy into doing every job.   However, my owners care not about my health, or my feelings.  In their eyes, so long as I am alive, I am able to work.

Not long into the day, I am near dehydration and starvation.  I let go the handle of the axe, and drop to my knees.  My face falls to the muddy ground.  My breathing becomes heavy and difficult.  Not far from me, I can hear footsteps.  They approach me quickly.  I am so used to being whipped raw that I am not afraid of having it done to me again.  I know that it is only my owner coming to beat me through to the bone.  I care not.

Unexpectedly, a hand grips my arm and pulls me from the ground.  I look to an unfamiliar face.  It is soft and pure, nearly angelic.  Surely, God would not send me an angel.  The face is at first blurry, and hard to make out.

However, not long after, I am able to see clearly the young face of a child.  A faint smile is spread across her lips.  She is small and fragile.  I am now completely convinced that God has sent me an angel.  The soft warm touch of her hand is so relaxing and comforting.  She now smiles completely and her bright blue eyes twinkle in delight.

She stands, and pulls me with her.  I am too stunned to say a word.  I only stand and watch as the small child takes into her hands the axe I had dropped.  She holds it tightly and brings it forward to the wood I was chopping.  Without hesitation, the wood cuts into two slices.

My amazement and curiosity is immediately aroused.  She looks to me and smiles at my expression.  She gestures to the pile of wood which was cut.  I immediately pull the pile into my arms and bring it to the shed full of more wood stored for the winter.

I am convinced this is my helper I so longed for.  No matter how young, old, or fragile, I am grateful for the help.  I do not care whether or not she can lift a stick, or can chop down a tree; I only care that I am now not alone.

The strange girl seems to be unusually happy for a slave.  Yet, there seems to also be a sort of glow about her.  Perhaps, she is angelic.  Perhaps, God did send me an angel.  I stand in thought and concentration staring down at the small girl.  She looks at me in return and smiles softly.

The night is upon us earlier than usual.  Work is done before my expectation.  With my small helper, the work is finished before night comes.  I lay my head upon the sack which I call a pillow.  I watch as the girl makes ready for night.

She pulls a small potato sack to the side of the narrow room and curls up beside it.  Her fragile head finds itself a comfortable position and her eyes close in satisfaction.  I notice that she has no blanket or any object to keep her warm.  The night is cold, near freezing.

Yet, her body never shivers or shows any hint that she is cold.  I look down to my body, shivering and near freezing.  After all that the small girl has done for me today, I think it only kind if I help her in return.  I stand and pull my second blanket from my body and walk to the girl’s side.  Careful as not to wake the child, I place the blanket over her thin body.

I notice the expression of the child change.  She now has a soft and happy smile on her face.  The picture stains my mind, and now whenever I think of the small girl I will see her happy smiling face.

I chuckle softly, which is extremely unusual.  It has been years since I have even attempted to smile.  It stays for a short while until I am reminded that I have a long and hard day’s work ahead of me; the smile vanishes quickly.  I return to my bed and drop my body onto it.  I am not comfortable at all, but I am used to the uncomfortable feeling.  I stare at the strange child and begin my prayer of thanksgiving.


It seems only minutes before I am shaken awake and ordered to the chopping grounds.  When I arrive there, however, I notice that the small girl has already begun.  Now I wonder how long she has been awake.  I approach hesitantly.  Surely, she does not have the muscles or any strength to beat me.  Considering this no longer, I manage to speak to her.  Speak.  It has been such a long time since I last spoke.

“What is your name?”  I ask.  The words are so flat sounding.  Seeing as how I have not spoken in so long, I do not take it to heart.  I only pray that she does not.

“My name is Angelina.” Her voice is so soft and gentle that it is soothing.  She brings that unfamiliar smile to my face again.  “What is yours, strong one?”  She asks this question rather unexpectedly.  I have never even told my owners of my name.  I have not even paid any attention at all to what my name is.  I believe I may have forgotten.

The thought scares me intensely.

I stand in thought and painful attempted remembrance.  My name?  What is my name?  Surely, I have not forgotten my own name?  Or have I?  I am, after all, completely and utterly terrible at remembering nearly anything.  I close my eyes, and force away the tears.  

Please God, tell me my name so I may tell it to my new friend which You have sent me, I pray softly deep in my mind and soul.  I am close to telling small Angelina I have forgotten, when I am blessed with a memory.

“Andrew.”  I answer in a soft cracking voice.  “My name is Andrew.”  I repeat the name millions of times in my mind, telling myself to never forget it again.  A joyful smile tugs at the corners of little Angelina’s lips.

Soon, she is smiling fully and happily.  How much I have longed for a smiling face such as hers to greet me.  For so long a time have I awaited her arrival.

“Andrew.” She muses over the name a short while.  It is so dearly lovely to hear my name being used again.  “The strong minded one,” she says with a soft chuckle.  Her laugh is so dear to me; I cherish the moment quickly and laugh in return.  My laugh, I am sure, sounds so cracked and unpleasant; however, I care not how I sound.  I only care that I am no longer left to die alone.


Month after month, Angelina and I take care of the unwanted owners and their land.  No longer do I do all the work alone.  Now I have with me the small cherished child.  Her words of kindness fill my heart and soul, changing my thoughts of life.  No longer do I believe God does not answer prayers.  No longer do I believe that we shall never be freed.

In fact, now that I am blessed with my small companion, I believe that one day God will free all souls who are being mistreated and misjudged.  This small angelic child has changed my whole impression of the world.  I believe that in time, if we look for it hard enough and yearn for it, we will see that there is still some good left in this world.

And, we may help bring back the good.  We may be the good in this world.  So long as there is faith, and happiness, good will always turn out.  That is what I have learned from the small angel sent to me from Heaven’s gates.  I am now a changed person in both heart and appearance.  I no longer hate my owners as I once did.  I now thank them for giving me the chance of seeing just how strong a person needs to be to carry the weight of the world’s evils.  Still, I do not blame all the evils on my owners.

Instead, I blame it on our leaders who have attempted to change the world, much not for the better.

I know now that every little thing I have ever been blessed with was only hidden.  Behind all the anger, I found the joy.  Behind all the tears, I found the smiles.  Behind all the hate, I found the love.

Behind every enemy, I found a friend.  This is what I have learned from my small one.  My small angel.  She has taught me the importance in life.  And, most importantly, the happiness and joy in this lowly world.  I owe too much to my small helping hand.  I never shall thank her enough for all the good she has brought into the world.

Years pass by quickly.  Soon, I am nearing the end.  Soon, my small one is grown.  I know that soon I will be forced to leave my little Angelina.  My poor darling savior will be forced to live a life of loneliness as I was before her coming.

Only then I will not be able to gift her with a helping hand.  I feel so strongly for my poor dear helper.  I do not wish for her to be forced to a life such as that.  I know all too well how hard and disappointing it is to know that those who loved you are gone forever and that you shall never again find them.  I do not wish for my gentle angel to be left alone in this terrible world.  Perhaps, if I truly wish it, God will grant me that her life will end at the same time as my own, if not sooner.

I cannot believe how quickly time has passed.  Already, it is nearing the winter.  I fear this may be my last.  I can see in my sudden weakness that I will not be able to endure much more of this life.  But, if this is God’s Will, I do not argue with it.


Winter is upon us and my small helping hand has grown too weak.  I, too, have become extremely sickly and weak.  I fear the end is now completely upon us.  I have prayed every night for freedom before death.  However, I am not too certain that the so longed for freedom will arrive.  I have given up on hope and am on the brink of losing faith.  If it were not for my gentle Angelina, I fear I would be gone by now.

I lay my head upon the roughness of the sack, and close my eyes, fearing I will never see light again.  Off to my right, I hear my small savior sigh softly and gently.  She knows, all too well, that the end is nearer than expectation.  Will we awake the next morning? I do not know.  I only hope and pray that we will be given the wings of freedom to fly to heights unimaginable beforehand.  I pray so deeply that God will grant us the wings of faith and the sound of freedom.

My eyes will not open.  They resist such pain.  I can feel the light of the morning dwelling deep in the cell.  I wonder whether or not my darling savior is at eternal rest.  I attempt to make a calling to her, but all that comes from my mouth is a groan of unmistakable pain.  I wonder now if I am mute.

If I am, I am sure this will bring me my death.  I hear from the right a groan answering mine.  My small Angelina has survived after all!  Perhaps, we shall be leaving this world together.  Perhaps, God has decided against splitting up our perfect friendship.

Heavy footsteps are approaching us.  No doubt it is one of the many owners to tell us to get on with the work.  Only, I will not be able to lift a stick in my condition.  I cannot even breathe without feeling the hungering pain which stabs my chest.  The sound is not familiar.  No, I have never heard these footsteps before.  There is a stranger amongst us.

I inhale sharply, increasing the pain even more.  I then hear the deep voice of a strange man.  He sounds old, perhaps nearing his fifties.  I shove the thought of his age away and force myself to listen to his words.

“You are free to go, children.  No longer need you hide in this hole.  You no longer bow to your owners.  You no longer are owned.”  A gentle hand is pressed against my chest.  “Sleep in peace, little ones.  You are free of the slavery which causes your death.  Know that before your death, you were given the wings of freedom.”  The words sting my heart.  I’m free.

My faith and joy did keep me alive.  I know that I am dying now, this very moment; however, I gather enough strength to bend over and pull the small treasured book from under the pile of hay.  The very page which kept me alive is neatly marked.  I press the open book to my chest and hold out a hand to where I know my little one is.

Perhaps, she still has her eyesight.  I nearly lose hope, until I feel the small fragile child being laid beside me.  No doubt, the kind-hearted stranger saw my intention, and helped her to me.  I hold my small angel tightly and whisper in her ear.

“To have faith, is to have wings…”  A sigh of happiness and relief before all turns black and my soul departs from the pains of the earth.

About Emily McKinnon

My name is Emily McKinnon, I'm an average Catholic homeschooling girl who has traveled all around the world. Being in a retired Air Force family, I was able to tour Europe, and half of the world. I have lived in many different places, such as, Germany, Texas, South Carolina, and many other places. I now live in Colorado, which I love dearly, but if anyone were ever to ask: I am a Texan at heart! I am the eighth of ten kids, and I love baking, writing, reading, crocheting, painting, and everything Disney related!


  1. Teresa J.

    Wow, this is such a poignant, beautiful story Emily! Your lush descriptions give the story a filmic quality, and I could almost feel the hardships of slavery described by the narrator, whom I sympathized with and loved as a character for his patience. God bless you!

    • Emily McKinnon

      Thank you so much for your comments, Teresa! I loved writing this story, and it is nice to know that others have enjoyed it as well. God bless you, too!

  2. Giselle Faber

    THAT IS SUCH A GREAT STORY EMILY!!!!! I loved it!!!! I am sure you will win the contest now!! Thank you for writing that story!

    • Emily McKinnon

      Thanks, Giselle! I don’t know about me winning, though. I’m sure I’ll have some fairly tough competition. It’s great to know that you enjoyed it though! Sorry I’m such a depressing writer. I have a strange fondness of detailing one’s hardships. You are most welcome! Thank you for enjoying it! (:

      • Giselle Faber

        You are welcome! It really was great. Lol, don`t apologize for the way you write!! After all, if you think about it, Dickens was kinda a depressing writer too, and think of how famous HE is!! Maybe you are simply a second Dickens!!

        • Emily McKinnon

          Thanks again! You’re fantastic at making others feel better about themselves! (: You know, that is so funny that you should say that! I told you before that I am writing a trilogy, right? Well, when I finished the first chapter of the first book, I allowed two of my sisters to read it. And one’ impression was: “wow….that’s depressing…”, and the other one was: “what happens next?”. And then later, they were both all: “Emily, you write like Charles Dickens!!!” Since then, I kind of keep my writing to myself. I mean, according to siblings, it’s “really cool to write like that, because no one else does that these days.” Is it cool? I don’t know. But, now that I have your opinion, it’s official: I’m a second Charles Dickens! (:

          • Giselle Faber

            Thank You! :) Lol, that is so funny!! So is isn`t just me who thinks you are like Dickens! And someday you will be just as famous, I`m sure!!

          • Emily McKinnon

            Sure, when I’m dead. LOL! (: I mean, that’s when Dickens became more famous, right? I’m kidding. Thanks for the lovely comment! No, you are not alone. Trust me, my younger sister tells me that all the time!!! (:

          • Giselle Faber

            Yes, I suppose that is true!!:) You are welcome! So tell me, would you have a pen name?

          • Emily McKinnon

            I don’t think so…I would rather keep it my real name. Everyone else in my family are so convinced they will all have pen names. Seriously, they already have them all set up. So, I figured, I could be the one famous one of the family with my real name, haha. (:
            What about you? Would you use a pen name?

          • Giselle Faber

            Yea, I kind of feel the same way. Some people don`t like their names, but I like mine fine. Although it would be kinda fun to make one up….

          • Emily McKinnon

            My siblings don’t actually make up names. My older sis just uses her confirmation saint name for her first, and my mom’s maiden name for her last. My older brother uses his nickname and the first half of our last name. And, my younger sis is the most creative: she used the two initials of her middle and confirmation name, and then(and get this) for her last name, she took all of the last names in the family, and mixed them up together! She has a very intense name now! (: Seriously, I joke that others are going to think she’s Icelandic, or something! (:
            I mean, I like my name fine. I am not overly proud of it or anything, but it suits me fine. (:

          • Giselle Faber

            Lol, that is so funny and original!! I actually was thinking of using my Grandma`s maiden name and some random first name that I like, if I did it that is! Lol, well, it would be kinda fun to do a weird totally crazy sounding name. I sometimes wonder how many authors names are their one. But yea, I would probably just use the name I have. Faber is pretty common, but Giselle isn`t really.

          • Emily McKinnon

            So true. And, Giselle is such a gorgeous name! (: Have you ever seen “Enchanted”? That’s all I think of when somebody says the name Giselle! (: Also, I think of my dog. Her name is Giselle–but, her nickname is Buppy. (:

          • Giselle Faber

            Thank you!!
            Ugh, I HATE that movie!!!!! She is such a shmamry air-head!! Do U like it? Lol, oooook. I never really though of it as a dog name, but then my cat`s name is Maestro, so that isn`t exactly normal either!!

          • Emily McKinnon

            You hate that movie? Oh, man! I LOVE that movie! I always have! Too bad you don’t. :( Well, I get your point. She is an air-head. But, she’s supposed to be…that’s kind of the point. That’s actually how my dog got her name. The movie had just come out recently and my older sisters wanted no more than to name her Giselle. (: She got her nickname in a very weird way. We used to call her “puppy.” But, she’s 6 years old now, so she’s not really a puppy anymore. Then, we came to calling her “Big Puppy”, and that changed almost immediately to “Buppy”. Yes, I know, we’re silly. But, your cats name isn’t much better. (: JK!!!!

          • Giselle Faber

            Lol, that is so funny!! Well, I guess I took an instant dislike to it when I saw it years ago. Maybe I should give it another chance. Lol, that is funny! And it is a cute nickname. Honestly, though, my cat is like SOOO crazy!! He thinks he is a kitten even though he is like three years old. He chases his tale more than any dog I have ever seen!! And he loves to rub up against things like crazy!!! He is weird!

          • Emily McKinnon

            Aww! I always wanted a cat! But, my older brother and mom are allergic to them. :( The funny thing is I don’t really need a cat, because Buppy basically is one! She loves rubbing up against peoples legs and jumping around onto peoples beds and stuff…she’s a mental cat. :)

          • Giselle Faber

            That is too bad you can`t have one!:( We have three! And they all hate each other…..
            Lol, yea I guess you could say that my cat is a mental dog insomuch as he chases his tale SO MUCH!!
            And he likes chewing on things, mostly people and his own feet and tail.

          • Emily McKinnon

            We did have three dogs. But, sadly, very recently, one of our dog’s back legs became paralyzed, and we had to give her to a shelter willing to help her to rehabilitate. Now, we have our little shih-tzu, Buppy, and my brother’s dog, Rockit. Neither of them like each other either!
            Your cat sounds precious! And, he definitely sounds part-dog! :)

          • Giselle Faber

            That too bad about your dog!:(
            He is precious, but also very mentally unstable!! He is so crazy!

          • Emily McKinnon

            He sounds adorable!!!! :)

          • Giselle Faber

            So what are your favorite animals?

          • Emily McKinnon

            Horses, tigers, owls, penguins, and puppies!!! :) Horses and tigers rule top on my list! I used to visit a Horse Farm a while back, and I absolutely LOVED it!!!! I got to ride some horse too, but that was years and years ago. :) What are you favorites?

          • Giselle Faber

            HORSES!! I love them! We used to have a horse a while back, when I was like five, but we had to sell her.:(:( Oh well, at least I get to see them every day, almost all of my neighbors have horses. There has to be at least two dozen horses on out road (which isn`t very long) though most people don`t have more then five. You can`t go anywhere in MT without seeing tons of horses!! I also like cats. Tigers are cool!!:) As are Eagles. So tell me, are you a Denver Broncos fan?

          • Emily McKinnon

            Oh, yay! A fellow horse lover!!! :) You’re so lucky, I hardly see any horse anymore. Unless they’re out in a field as I drive by. :(
            No, I’m actually not a Broncos fan. I’m not against them, but I’m also not for them. They’re alright. But, I seriously dislike all of the huge Broncos fans! There are WAY too many here!

          • Giselle Faber

            Lol, yea! I don`t go up to them really or anything, sense we aren`t really great friends with any of our neighbors, but it is nice to see them and hear them every day!
            My Mom and Dad are pretty into football, so I was told I should have a team. Mom`s team was the Colts, so I started rooting for the Broncos. Also, my favorite breed is the Arabian horses, so I really like their mascot!!!

          • Emily McKinnon

            Understandable. I love Shetland ponies, and Clydesdales! The Arabian horses are beautiful too!
            Well, if you do need a team, I would vouch for the Broncos. They’re the only football team I really like. But, I’m also just not much into the sport. Living in Colorado, I deal with too many Broncos fans–that’s why I don’t like much of them. But, they are pretty good, I’ll admit! (:

          • Giselle Faber

            Yea, I like Shetlands and Clydesdales too! One of the reasons I like the Broncos is because last Super Bowls, I was in a money pool and voted that they would win, and I won $70 bucks when they did!!

          • Emily McKinnon

            Haha! That’s great! Yeah, I really only like the Broncos for Peyton Manning. (:

          • Giselle Faber

            Yea, he is a good guy. My Mom has always really liked him. She jokes that if he came to the door she would run away with him!!!! Lol, of course she is just joking!!!!

          • Emily McKinnon

            Haha!!! That’s great!!! (: I probably would too, lol. (: What is your favorite movie? (:

          • Giselle Faber

            hmmm, favorite movie. That is a tough question!! I can never seem to make up my mind…..probably one of the Lord of the Rings movies! What about U?

          • Emily McKinnon

            I love the Lord of the Rings, but I also like the first Narnia(the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe) movie, and I also love Enchanted, and the new Cinderella(the live action version) movie. I also just love any Disney movies! (: What are some of your favorite books? (:

          • Giselle Faber

            I like the Narnia movies too, and the books. Oh, I really like the new Cinderella movie!!! I just got the soundtrack music a bit ago. I am so excited for the Beauty and the Beast movie, sense it is my favorite princess movie. (Probably mostly because Belle loves to read!!:) I really like books by J.R.R. Tolkien, the Ranger`s Apprentice and Brotherband books by John Flanagan, books by L.M. Montgomery books by C.S. Lewis, the Sherlock Holmes books, and books by Frank L. Packard. What are yours?

          • Emily McKinnon

            I really like the Lord of the Rings books, the Hobbit, the Ranger’s Apprentice books(though I have yet to finish them), the Hunger Games, the Maze Runner series, and some books written by my brother-in-law’s sister called: The Rise of Aredor.
            I know! I love to read, and so Belle has always been one of my favorites too! (: Though, Cinderella will ALWAYS be my favorite DIsney princess. Mainly, because she is such a good role model, you know? Who is your favorite Disney princess?
            Have you seen “Moana”? Such a GREAT movie!!! I seriously love it!!! (:

          • Giselle Faber

            John Flanagan is such a talented author! His books are so funny and good!:) Random question: how many books do you have?
            Yea, Cinderella is good too! I guess Belle is probably my favorite, though Cinderella is up there too. I haven`t seen Moana yet, though I really want to!

          • Emily McKinnon

            John Flanagan is really good! I enjoy his stuff! (:
            How many books do I have?….Oh, wow….I have a LOT. Just counting my personal collection, about 35 or so. But, if we’re including the “family collection”, then easily over 150-200. The majority of the books are saint books we need for school, or encyclopedias, dictionaries, series, Baltimore Catechism, and SO SO SO MANY little kiddy books!!! Seriously, sometimes I feel like all of our books are Dr. Seuss books. (: But, we can’t get rid of them, ’cause we need them for when my niece and nephews visit! (:
            How many books do you have?
            You should see Moana! It did not disappoint! I really like the movie! (:
            Who is your favorite author/authoress?

          • Giselle Faber

            Yea, he is great!!:)
            lol, um, well…….My collection isn`t that big compared to most of the people in my family, but I have in my own personal collection about 250 books. One of my sisters has over a 1000 books, and another sister prob has about 350. And then we have a fairly large family collection with two big bookshelves of kids/teens books, two big bookshelves of religious books, and then two bigish book shelves of school books, classics, encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesaurus, and the like. So yea, I guess you could say we have a lot of books for a family of eight. A lot of the books have been picked up at second hand stores, though. Yea, we have a ton of little kiddy books left over too. I have three nieces and a nephew, but the oldest is only five, so they aren`t doing too much reading yet.
            I hope to see it sometime soon!! But all of our movie rental places have closed recently, so we don`t have a good place to get it.
            Hmmm, that is such a tough question!!! I think Frank L. Packard has got to be the best of old authors, cause his books are SOOOOO GOOD!! You should seriously read them! Especially Greater Love Hath No Man. For a more modern author, I really do like John Flanagan. What about you?

          • Emily McKinnon

            Wow! Your family must love to read!! (: So, strike what I said. Our “library” is FULL of books. We have two HUGE book shelves(seriously, I can’t even reach the top shelf of these things…), then my sister’s collection, as well as my brothers’, and mine. All together, we must have at least 800..? I really don’t know. I’m not willing enough to go count all of them. :) I’m sure we have more…There are so many I don’t really know the exact numbering.
            Ah! So cool you have nieces and nephews! My second nephew was just born a few weeks ago! :) And, my other nephew is about to turn one, as well as my little niece is almost three! :)
            So, you have seven sibling, then…? I have nine! How many boys and how many girls in your family? We have six girls, and four boys! :) So, yes, the girls outnumber the boys. :)
            My favorite authors would have to be Charles Dickens(maybe that’s why I write like him…) and J. R. R. Tolkien. :) But, John Flanagan is pretty good too! :) Oh, and I really like the authoress Claire B. Dunkle. She wrote a really really awesome series called: “The Hollow Kingdom” books. And, she used to go to the same Church as me when I lived in TX!!!! :) If you haven’t read these books, I VERY HIGHLY recommend them!!!! They are soooooo good!!!! :) Seriously, I love them!!! :)

          • Giselle Faber

            Really? That is neat that you have so many books, it must be hard to have carted all those books around when you moved! My second oldest sister, who is getting married in May, is the one who has over a thousand books. She has been trying to pack them all up so she can move. I love getting books!! I don`t have enough space in my bedroom for all of them!
            My oldest sister is married and has four kids: one boy(5) and three girls(4,2, and 7 months). They are all so adorable!! I love them!!:)
            There are only six kids in my family, I was counting my Mom and Dad when I said a family of eight. It goes four girls, then a boy, then me. So I am the youngest. (yea, girls rule!!:)) My oldest sister is married and has kids, my second oldest sister is going to be married in the Spring (and move to Missouri!:( ), the next sister down is actually a professed nun at a convent in New York, and then the rest of us are still at home. How many of your siblings are older then you?
            Dickens is pretty good, though kinda depressing at times!! I love J.R.R. Tolkien! His books are really good! I have never heard of her, I will have to look her up! I am always so happy when I get a new author/book to look up!! Though our library isn`t very updated, so it might not have it. That is neat that you went to the same Church! Random question; do you have any autographs of famous people?
            I will read them if I can!

          • Emily McKinnon

            Yeah, I agree. It was pretty hard carting around all those books. Sometimes, we would just leave them in the boxes so that we wouldn’t have to repack them a year later! :)
            Wow! Busy household! I have seven older siblings. I am the eighth of the family! My oldest sister is married and she and her husband plan on adopting their first child soon(so excited for them!)! :) Then, my second oldest sister is also married and has one girl(going on three years) and one boy(almost a year old)! And, my third oldest sister is married too, and just had her baby boy a few weeks ago! :)
            Congrats on your sisters wedding! Will you be in her wedding?
            I do not have any autographs, unfortunately. However, I do have the autograph of my brother-in-law’s sister! :) She’s in authoress! She has written three books, with number four on the way! :) Her name is Claire M. Banschbach. If you like Tolkien, you’ll like her. Especially her books called: “The Rise of Aredor.” You can buy her books for like 9 dollars on Amazon! Haha, look at me, I’m advertising for my brother-in-law’s sister! :)
            Do you have any autographs?

          • Giselle Faber

            Wow, that sounds kinda tough. The first thing I would want to do after moving would be unload my books and arrange them on my shelves!
            Not so busy anymore!:( But oh well, everyone has to leave the nest sometime!
            That is really cool!!:) I just love my nieces and nephew! And I am excited that there will soon be more! though they will be all the way in MO!:(:(
            Thank you!!:) Yes, I will be a bridesmaid. I am pretty excited about that! I was a flower girl in my oldest sister`s wedding, but that was a while ago!
            That is neat! I really need to see if her books are at our library! They sound really cool and sense I LOVE Tolkien, I had better check them out.
            Lol, what a good sister-in-law you are!!:)
            I actually have quite a few. You see, sense I take piano and organ lessons, I can go to all of the works performed by the Helena Symphony. They frequently bring in world famous musicians and singers, so I can often get their autographs. Just last week we had a pianist named Jon Nakamatsu who is apparently very famous and is extremely talented!!! It was so cool to see him and hear him!! So yea, I have lots of autographs. It is neat to have the opportunity to do that.

          • Emily McKinnon

            Well, at the time, I was much younger, and didn’t really care about the books as much. Though, goodness knows, I do now! :)
            If it makes you feel any better, some of my older siblings live far away too! My oldest sister and her husband live in NC, soon to move to Idaho(her husband is in the military, so they do a lot of moving too). Then, my second oldest sister lives in Houston, TX, along with my third oldest who lives in Dallas, TX. So, yes, we visit TX a lot–but, it’s only a 12 hour drive! :)
            I think you would really enjoy Claire M. Banschbach’s stiff! She is pretty good. Though, she isn’t as good as Tolkien–but, then again, who is?
            So neat that you have all of those autographs! Must be pretty cool! :)
            Random question: is there any kind of trend in you and your siblings names? Like, for instance, with us, all of our names end in “Y”. Seriously, I can name them all off with no problem: Joey, Mary, Amy, Holly, Tommy, Abby, Sammy, Emily, Audrey, and Danny. Of course, some of the names are just shorter versions of their real names. But, Abby actually isn’t. I know, we’re weird, eh? :)

          • Giselle Faber

            Yea, that is understandable. I have always enjoyed reading, but didn`t really start to appreciate it too much till the past few years.
            That is too bad!:( It is hard to have family so far away.
            I really should check her out!! I will have to see if our library has her books.
            It is nice!!:)
            Wow, that is cool!!! No, we don`t really have any trend or pattern or anything. There is Elizabeth, Therese, Colette (now Sister Mary Vincent), Alexandra, Emory, Giselle. It is cool when there is a trend, but it seems like it would be a little annoying sometimes. Does your mom or dad ever accidently call you by the wrong name? My mom does that so much!! It is kinda annoying, but mostly funny. Now I have a random question: What do you want to do/be when you, well lol, grow up. I guess you are probably already grown up, but you know what I mean!

          • Emily McKinnon

            I meant to say, that is awesome that your sister became a nun! :)
            And, I have to say, the name Emory is so cool! Y’all have some beautiful names! :)
            Yes. My mom especially. She almost always calls me “Audrey” or “Holly” or “Abby.” But, I have plenty of nicknames too, so it gets confusing. Lol, I meant to say, you can call me “Em” or “Emi.” It’s what I’m mainly known by. Though my Mom has a different nickname for me, she calls me “Emily Orphan Annie.” Mainly, ’cause my middle name is Anne, and my mom loves the Little Orphan Annie stories and movie. :) And, my little sis calls me “Emeth.”–(he’s a character from the story “The Rise of Aredor.”…and my sis and I are obsessed with him..) But, around my Church I am known as “Em&M”. Seriously, because my last name starts with an M, and my first name can be nicknamed Em, that is what I am known by now. :) Do you have any nicknames?
            I get what you mean, lol. :) I want to be a professional chef–hoping to anyway. I mainly want to start my own Bakery! I absolutely love to bake! And, I am hoping to go to Culinary School for College. :) But, mainly, I want to meet a nice Catholic man, get married, and be a mother of many kids! :) I love kids with a passion! I love spending time with them, helping them out, giving them advice, and I’ve just always hoped I would someday be a mom of ten kids like my Mom has done! :) what about you? :)

          • Giselle Faber

            I know, it is cool!:) That has always been what she wanted to do. Though I miss her a lot!:( She is very happy fulfilling her vocation in life.
            Lol, that is funny that you would say that, cause he absolutely hates his name! He thinks it sounds too much like Emily, lol!!:) (em is one of his nicknames too!:)
            Thank you!!:)
            Lol, yea it is funny isn`t it!!:) It frustrates Mom so much sometimes!
            Wow, lol, those are some pretty cute nicknames!:)
            I have a few, though it is mostly Zell, Zelie, and GG. GG partly because my middle name is Grace, and it is my initials. And my nieces and nephew call me Giggy, which is super cute! U should hear them say it! Especially one of my nieces who is very deliberate in the way she talks. She says it I two very distinct syllables, it is super cute. Then I have a few other rather embarrassing ones!!
            That is neat! Do you ever watch the show on TV called Chopped? It is kinda fun to watch.
            Lol, yea, that is ultimately my main goal as well! I want as many kids as I can have!!:) I would love to have twins, but I don`t think it is in my genes. Although some people would probably think me crazy for wanting twins!:) I love kids too!!:) I love it when they come up to me and hug me or when they try and pronounce my name!:) But I would also like to be a physical therapist. Unfortunately, that takes eight years of collage, which I do not really want to do. So I might just be a nurse, which only takes four years. And sense I am homeschooled, I would prob be able to start early, if I got ahead. It is an useful skill to have. My mom is a nurse, and I can`t tell you how many times fellow parishioners have come up to her and asked for advice. She has been a nurse for over twenty-five years, so it is neat to see her doing her job. Though we don`t always get as much sympathy as we would like when we scrape our knee or something!! lo!:)

          • Emily McKinnon

            Aw, that’s too bad. I think his name sounds really cool! Plus, I never hear that name used nowadays!
            We don’t use TV(like cable for instance), we just use Amazon, Netflix, DVDs, and so on. But, I have seen Chopped! I LOVE that show! The first time I saw it I was when we were on vacation. We had stopped at a hotel, and were bored to death. So, we flipped through the stations to the food channel(that’s normal, right?), and it happened to be on! Ever since then, I love that show! Especially, when they have to use leftovers. It sounds weird, I’m sure, but it’s so interesting. I joke that the leftover ones help me to create better leftovers for myself! :)
            Oh, cool! Future mommies! :) Well, hopefully. That is super cool that you want to be a nurse. I have a sister who is one right now! She just had her baby, and she already wants to go right back to work. It’s crazy! :) But, it was always fun when she would come home from school and admit that she “needed a patient.” And so, yes, I would act as an old lady for my sister’s sake. :) It was always kind of fun to help her out. We always joked that the reason why she got such good grades was because of us being her “sickos”. :)
            That’s too adorable! :) Little kids are sooooo precious! :) The way my niece says my name is: “emma-we.” And it’s so cute! My niece always LOVES to dance and sing! We’ll Facetime(if you know what that is) with them, and she will immediately start singing her own songs. She has the one song in particular that she made up that litereally just goes: “La la la, don’t be scared…La la la, don’t be scared.”!!!!! It’s the cutest thing ever! I love my niece! :)
            Do your nieces and nephews do anyhting like that?
            Were your parents ever going to name you something else? ‘Cause, my parents were going to name me Eiley(pronounced I-lee). Isn’t that such a pretty name? It’s Gaelic. And since my parents didn’t name me it, I now have dibs on it for if I ever have any kids. Seriously, in this house, if you like a name, you gotta pick it before someone else gets it. My sis originally called the name Eiley, but all of a sudden she doesn’t really like it as much. She claims “it would be too hard for the child to write her name when she grew up.” So, now I got it! If I ever have a girl, her name will be Eiley Rose. Isn’t it just such a gorgeous name? :)
            Do you have any names set off to the side for yourself?–for if you have any kids?
            So cool that your mom has been a nurse for twenty-five years! My dad still teaches flying Air Planes at a company called Doss Aviation. It’s so cool! Sometimes, some of us will be able to fly with him, and it’s so awesome! Though, I haven’t had my chance yet….still waiting. :) My dad was an Air Force Pilot, and since he’s retired now he STILL flies airplanes. It’s so amazing! My mom is more of an at-home mom, though. What about your dad? :)
            You know how I was telling you about Claire M. Banschbach? She still taking classes for physical therapy. I think she might have gotten her Doctorate already–either that, or she almost has. Kind of cool that you want to. :) I’m too in love with food, though. I used to want to be a nurse, but, all of a sudden I just really felt called to Culinary. Really, I still don’t know how it happened. But, since then, I can’t stop baking and dreaming of having my own bakery! Plus, how cool will it be when I get to bake/cook fancy meals for my kids! :)

          • Giselle Faber

            yea, I think it is a neat name, but he won`t listen! Oh well….
            Lol, yea, we all enjoy watching it! It is fun to see what they do with some of those weird ingredients. We watch the cooking channel a lot. You should really see worst cooks in America, that show is so hilarious! They get together all of these horrible cooks and try and teach them how to make actual edible food. You should see some of the people they come up with!
            I know! I can`t wait to have tons of little kiddos running around! I hope I will be able to someday….
            I would like to be a children`s nurse if I became a nurse! Lol, I am sure you are a good little patient!:)
            Lol, your niece sounds SOOO cute!!! My nieces and nephews love to sing too. They can belt off the theme from Davy Crocket, or Let it Go, or Let`s Go Fly a Kite, or whatever they may have made up! Aren`t kids so precious?!?! I am so glad that they live only about four hours away (though there are really bad roads in between here and where they live.) My brother-in-law is has a pilot`s license and a little four-seater Cessna. I have only been able to go flying a few times, but it was awesome!! The kids love to go flying! One of my nieces gets carsick but she doesn`t get sick in the plane. He used to fly the whole family to Mass on Sundays, but there are too many of them now to fit in the plane. That is neat that your Dad is in the Air Force! I love planes! I am writing a story about a pilot in WW2 right now.
            My parents had a few other names picked out, Gabriella and Cecilia (which is going to be my Confirmation name, sense I love that saint and she is the patron saint of music). But they decided to go with Giselle. Eiley is so pretty! I love it! I might steal it from you! Lol!:) I love Gaelic names. I have a few names I really like. I really like Terence, though I have never met someone else who does. It is like my top boy name. I also really like Demetria. Isn`t it pretty?
            I also really like Kathleen, Martina, Rene, Chantal, Eugene, and Marcellus. Those are probably my favorites. I really like Roman names and Irish names. What are some names you want for your kids? My brother gets mad at me because he thinks some of the names are not cool and that my kids will hate me for saddling them with it! But honestly, I would much rather have a slightly weird, but unique name, then have a pretty, though totally boring and everyday name. And sense I have a name that lots of people have never heard of, I think I can say from experience that it won`t be the end of the world when people spell your name super weird and wrong. (seriously though, you should see some of the ways my name has been spelt and pronounced!!)
            That is super cool about your Dad! My dad is a hydrologist.
            Hey! That shows that I can be both a author and a physical therapist right! Lol, honestly though, I would rather be a mom then either of those. I have also been considering becoming a nun in the same convent as my sister. I don`t know for sure whether my vocation in life is being in the religious life or the married life. Sometimes I want one of them so much, and then in a bit I have changed my mind and want the other one more! Hopefully the way will be clear before too long.
            I love to bake and cook! I make supper at our house most nights. I can totally see myself making food for my kids. I think it is really cool that you want to be a chef! I bet you would be super good at it!!:)

          • Emily McKinnon

            I’ve heard of the show, but I have never watched it. Sometimes, it bothers me to see how stupid some people can be. I would just sit their yelling at the screen: “No!!! No, don’t put that in, you’re gonna ruin the recipe!!!”. Yep, that’s me. :)
            That would be pretty cool to be a children’s nurse. :) I would totally encourage it! :)
            Well, my dad is retired now. He used to be in the Air Force, we aren’t anymore though. :( But, he’s still flying! :) So long as he’s doing what he loves, right?
            Some names I want for my kids. Oh, I have a lot. For girls I like the names: Eiley Rose(obviously), Martina Kelly(mainly because my Dad’s name is Martin, and my mom’s is Kelly….I thought it would be sweet to name one after them), Iris, Corrine, and Christelle–I have a few others, I just can’t remember them as of now. For boys I like the names: Liam, Patrick, Nicholas, Bryan, Theodore, Jean, Conan, and a few others.
            Lol, my siblings say the same about some of the names I like. :)
            It’s true, you can! :)
            I know how you feel. I used to get stuck all the time with what my vocation is. I’m still uncertain, of course. But, I really do feel called to the married life. I’m hoping to get to a Retreat by the end of this year, of the beginning of next year. Maybe then it’ll be a little more clear to me! :)
            Random question: what is your favorite TV show? Are you into the old ones? The new ones? :)

          • Giselle Faber

            Lol, yea! It is kinda sad to see people do stupid stuff to theirfood!!:)
            Yea, I would love to do it!:)
            Yup that is cool!:)
            That would be sweet!:) I don`t know how I would mix Patrick and Lana together though. (my parent`s names.) Latrick? Pana? Lol!:) Or I could find a way to do them as middle and first names, but my mom would probably kill me because she isn`t terrible fond of her name!
            Oh! I really like Theodore! And I like Andrew. (Well, actually I more of like Drew, but I would probably do Andrew and just call him Drew.)
            And besides, they are your kids, so you can name them what you like, right?! Well, as long as the husband agrees!:) I really like all of my sister`s kids names, but I can`t do them sense she has! There is Callen Gerard, Serena Marie, Genevieve Rose, and Felicity Chantel.
            Yea, it is a tough thing to figure out!
            I hope to go to a Retreat in October, it is at the Convent where my sister went in New York.
            Lol, favorite TV show….hmmm, I really like Hogan`s Heroes, Zorro, and Merlin. Those are all old ones. Oh, and the When Calls the Heart series. I can`t think of any others I like at the moment….
            What are your favorites?

          • Emily McKinnon

            Food is a precious thing, and I can’t stand to see it ruined!!! Yeah, I’m obsessed. :)
            That’s right! So long as I get my futures husband’s approval(or force him into it, lol), all’s good! :)
            Those are some pretty names! :) Hmm…let’s see. oh! You could do Patricia Lana. Or vice versa. :)
            Mine are Zoey Elizabeth(my niece), Peter Leon, and Rhett Michael. :)
            Oh my gosh? Seriously? My favorite TV shows are Hogan’s Heroes, Once Upon A Time, Merlin, and Andy Griffith. Oh, and I also like the I Love Lucy show, and the Dick Van Dyke show! I’ve seen the When Calls the Heart movie, but not the show as of yet. Who is your favorite Merlin character? And your favorite Hogan’s Heroes character?

          • Giselle Faber

            Yea, it is sad when people don`t even know how to make a grilled cheese sandwich!!
            Lol, yea, just make him like them!!!!:)
            Yea, that would work! I will add it to the list!!:)
            Oh those are nice names!!:)
            Andy Griffeth is good too!!:)
            I have not seen the When Calls the Heart movie, but I have heard the TV show is better. Well, I really do like Merlin, the dork!! And Arthur grows on you!!:) What about you?
            Lol, I like Carter!! But he is probably not my favorite. Oh, I dunno, it a tough decision! I like Hogan, of course, and Newkirk. And La Beau. And Shultz. Lol, they are all super good!!:) Do you have a fav?

          • Emily McKinnon

            Right? That’s when I shake my head in embarrassment and just walk away, lol! :)
            I will fore it upon him, and he will love the names I choose! LOL! :)
            Merlin and Arthur! They are my complete favorites! :) Their brotherly relationship is just so adorable! Yes, Merlin is a complete dork. I can’t take him seriously when he does his “dragon speech.” Seriously, my sis and I crack up every time he does! :)
            As for Hogan’s Heroes, Newkirk is definitely the best! :) Yes, I also just love Brits. :) Also, Carter and Hogan! Carter is such an idiot that it’s hilarious! And Hogan and Shultz are just down-right comedic! :) I love that show so much! Such an original! :) They all are pretty cool though! :)
            Is there anyone that you don’t like in those 2 shows? Just curious. :)

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