Seton Staff Note: Feedback Wanted! Sharing Your Creative Ideas

Seton Staff Note: Feedback Wanted! Sharing Your Creative Ideas
Dominic de Souza

Hi everyone,

Hope you’re doing well!  Couple of thoughts to get your feedback. :)

1. Let’s keep it positive

Our comment boxes have blown up this past month, which is awesome. :) It’s great to see everyone having a good time, and keeping it supportive and respectful to each other.

Seton staff does monitor all these discussions to ensure a kind and supportive environment.

Let’s keep up the great attitudes.

2. Creative ideas

That being said, we’ve noticed plenty of creative ideas among the students, which is why we’re running the latest poll-set in our sidebar. Based on how much interest is generated, we may turn them into a future challenge.

Some things are truly fascinating, like composition and crochet, but we know that there aren’t enough students to justify hosting a community-wide challenge.

So, what we can do about it is something different. We can release it as an article, sharing the interesting things that our community gets up to.

The Seton staff will review what you submit and let you know!

Shoot us a comment or question either here or through our contact form letting us the kinds of creative things you do that we don’t have contests or challenges for, and which you’d like to share with the community.

3. Student Achievements

We do have a ‘Student Achievement‘ website, where we share student achievements recognized by independent groups and organizations. You can let the community know what you get up to over there as well.

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