He Called To Me | A Sonnet By Maria Pratt

He Called To Me | A Sonnet By Maria Pratt

Maria Pratt is the 1st Place Winner for Grade 9 in the 2015-16 Sonnet Contest.

The morning came, but earth below still sleeps.
The darkness of the night consumes my soul.
Lament! cried I. Death conquered; life now weeps.
Distress so sorrow-filled but takes its toll.
Departed I, the Tomb my choice in street,
But when I came, the stone was rolled away;
The King whom I had loved in life released.
Stolen! I wept again in my dismay.
The Garden-man with spade in hand emerged,
His gentle eyes I knew, yet I knew not.
Whom do you seek? He softly asked the word.
He called to me, Mary! His voice besought.
I then knew Him again with all delight,
He spoke my name and brought sweet life and light.

About Maria Pratt

Maria Pratt is a freshman at Seton. She is the seventh of nine children. She is a singer and songwriter and plays a variety of instruments. Besides music, she also has many other interests, including art, sports, and smiling. She is happy to be alive and to be a Catholic.

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