Here are the Top 20 winners of the Christmas Contest – So far!

Here are the Top 20 winners of the Christmas Contest – So far!

Here are the names of the top 20 winners of the Christmas contest arranged alphabetically by first name:

  • Christen Ruiz
  • Christina Kuerner
  • Daniel Usakowski
  • Hannah Holloway
  • Isabella Rollins
  • Jacinta Meir
  • Jessica Neddersen
  • John White
  • Jonathan Lanari
  • Josefa Linnell
  • Joseph Wagner
  • Julia Morris
  • Katharine Caughron
  • Lindita Nikolic
  • Marie Valdovinos
  • Mary Clare Young
  • Natalie Pratt
  • Rebecca Plummer
  • Rebekah Johnson
  • Teresa Regnier

If you’re on this list, congratulations! You made it to the Top 20 Round. Your hard work in crafting a quality essay that adhered to our contest guidelines has paid off.

Now all that’s left is the whittle these names into the Final Top 3 Round. So if your name showed up here, time to be excited!

Read more about the Seton Christmas essay contest, the conditions and the prizes.

Thanks to everyone else who entered the contest. Our panel of judges were five members of the Seton staff, all with a passion for English, creativity, and excited about student expression. They reviewed each entry on its own merits, and had to make tough choices about who was good enough to make it to the final round of the top three winners.

The first-place winner will published in our 2015 Christmas issue of Seton Magazine, and the remaining two are featured here online, on the Bayley Bulletin!

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor. ;)

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