If Thou Will Come | A Sonnet By Mary Clare Young

If Thou Will Come | A Sonnet By Mary Clare Young

Mary Clare Young is the 1st Place Winner for Grade 10 in the 2015-16 Sonnet Contest

Thou fished all night to ease thy troubled mind,
Yet have returned with empty nets and soul.
Don’t keep the search for what thou cannot find,
For only I can make thy heart feel whole.
I’m standing here, awaiting on the shore,
For thee to come and lay thy burden low;
I’ll give thee rest, and calm, and what is more,
Thy nets with fish and grace I’ll overflow.
Thy morning meal I’ve set on coals to broil,
And have invited thee to dine with me.
I’ll always feed thee, not with bread of toil;
The Bread of Angels daily I give thee.
If thou will come onto this beach of peace,
I’ll make thee whole, and all thy pains shall cease.

About Mary Clare Young

Mary Clare Young is a 10th grader hailing from Virginia and a proud Seton student for all eleven years of her education. Latin is absolutely, positively her favorite subject, and she enjoys putting her scientia Latinae (knowledge of Latin) to use in state Latin competitions. Mary Clare is also a fan of classic literature, English, and history. When she’s not doing her schoolwork, you can find her reading, fooling around with her younger brother and sister, crocheting, writing, engaging in discussions on the Seton Message Boards, and playing the piano.

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