I’ll Be Home for Christmas | A Poem

I’ll Be Home for Christmas | A Poem

Honorable Mention in the 2016 ‘Basket of Cheer’ Contest | Grade 10

He said that he’d be home,
But home is where he is not.
He called to say he’s coming,
But something caused a stop.

The Christmas tree was ready
The songs were being sung,
The table was set with candles
And the stockings were all hung.

And, when the doorbell rang,
The house went up in joy,
But the ringer was not who they expected,
The ringer was not their boy.

The man told his sincere apologies:
“…Especially on a night like this,”
But, their son was dead from an accident,
And “…All we found was this,”

He held out a stack of envelopes,
tied up with a string.
The mother and the father read,
As the young ones ceased to sing.

Inside the very first note,
Were a few lines that wrote:

“I’ll Be Home For Christmas,
You Can Count On Me.
I’ll Be Home For Christmas,
If Only In My Dreams.”

About Emily McKinnon

My name is Emily McKinnon, I'm an average Catholic homeschooling girl who has traveled all around the world. Being in a retired Air Force family, I was able to tour Europe, and half of the world. I have lived in many different places, such as, Germany, Texas, South Carolina, and many other places. I now live in Colorado, which I love dearly, but if anyone were ever to ask: I am a Texan at heart! I am the eighth of ten kids, and I love baking, writing, reading, crocheting, painting, and everything Disney related!

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