In Faith and Studies, Seton Prepared Nicole for College

In Faith and Studies, Seton Prepared Nicole for College

How long were you homeschooled through Seton, and what did you like about the experience?

I homeschooled through Seton for all four of my high school years.

It was a unique transition, going from Catholic school to homeschooling. I remember sharing with my non-homeschool friends the blessings I was experiencing with my new life change.

The structure, academics, and faith-based culture are just some of the many perks of the Seton program.

The incorporation of the Catholic faith in the subjects is the most prominent aspect that stands out for me. It is truly a beautiful thing to experience your faith in all aspects of your academic courses.

I enjoyed my classes through Seton, especially my English courses.

I am a big reader, and the books had me excited to write my papers. Though it was challenging to adapt to at first, once I got used to the change, I couldn’t imagine myself in another school setting.

Just the same, having my sister, mom, and dad along for the ride, made my Seton years enjoyable.

Where did you go to college, and what is your degree?

I went to college at SPC for my first two years of college. I was also enrolled in the Great Books Program at this time to engage my critical thinking skills further.

I finished my last two years at Saint Leo University, where I pursued my bachelor’s degree in English, Advanced Literary Studies.

How did your Seton education help you navigate the college experience?

Seton is a challenging program. Every homeschooler knows that. When I started my first college course, I was pleasantly surprised by how prepared I felt.

I did not feel overwhelmed or incapable of engaging in my studies.

Regarding my faith, I am grateful for the fundamental teachings ingrained in me through Seton that, unknown to me, kept me grounded through the newness of college life.

What are you doing now?

Since graduating from college, I have worked as a graduate assistant at Saint Leo University, and I have taken some masters classes in Theology for a year.

After deciding to leave, I worked at a non-profit organization that hosted mobile food drives for the local community. I am currently hoping to pursue a career in editing or teaching.

I continue to keep my faith alive by frequenting the sacraments and meeting with my friends once a month for faith sharing and formation.

What gives you passion or motivation in your current occupation?

I take delight in the fact that I am a hard-working person. I put my heart and my soul in any task given to me.

People are my passion and motivation. Especially, faith sharing and growing in my relationship with Christ. My faith community gives me motivation.

Having them as a constant support in my life, having them remind me of who I am as a daughter of Christ, and having them keeping me accountable to Christ and his ways are just some of the joys that keep me going every day.

Any advice for current Seton High-Schoolers?

My advice for current Seton High-Schoolers is to take your work seriously.

It will significantly benefit you in the future to engage with the material on a critical level.

Do not be afraid to ask questions and seek extra help where you need it. The Seton professors want you to succeed academically and on a personal level. Take great joy in this time of your life.

The Lord has allowed you to form yourself into the person he created you to be little by little. Pursue Christ and pursue the desires of your heart.


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