Mary Magdalene Speaks | A Sonnet By Katharine Caughron

Mary Magdalene Speaks | A Sonnet By Katharine Caughron

Katharine Caughron is the 1st Place Winner for Grade 12 in the 2015-16 Sonnet Contest

“My heart is empty, empty as this grave,
As cold as stone, deprived of Love’s fierce fire.
Nothing, no one can warm or fill me save
The Lord, who once did pull me from the mire.
Soon, like this garden overgrown with weeds,
My virtue, choked by ivies of despair
And twisting vines of vice and vile deeds,
Will rot and fall away without His care.
The lilies of the field die in the drought
That comes after the rains, and so will I,
In this dark dryness of my soul, without
The water whoso drinks shall never die.
Here comes the gardener; but where is mine?”
“Mary! See here I am, forever thine.”

About Katharine Caughron

Kate Caughron, the oldest of ten lively and adventurous siblings, lives with her family on a small Missouri farm. Besides playing piano, she also revels in reading and writing. Her long-time interest in poetry and especially sonnets has been well nourished by Seton literature courses. A member of the Seton class of 2016 and a National Merit Finalist, she plans to attend Benedictine college in the fall and pursue a fascination with (oddly enough) mathematics.

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