My 4 Top Tips for a Better Lent

My 4 Top Tips for a Better Lent

Lent is coming up, and to help all fellow Seton Students, I thought I’d give a few tips on how to keep this Lent one of your best!

1. Make A List of Sacrifices

I do this every year, and it has never failed to help me stick to my plans. It’s quite simple, really. Just write a few things you would like to offer up during the Lenten Season.

For example, if you really enjoy a TV show, and a new season will be coming out, that’s a good one to offer up–plus, it will try your patience!

Or, if you really enjoy playing XBOX or computer games, you can offer up that, too! Offer up what you know you need to get better at or what you know you do not need.

Really, it does wonders for me!

2. Become Spiritually Better

Another thing to do during Lent is to become a better spiritual person. Set aside an hour for spiritual reading, and maybe extra time for meditation.

Every year, I choose a new Saint book to read for about an hour a day. I really encourage it, as it has really helped me to enjoy the saints more.

I also set aside some time for my novena. It is helpful to set a specific time for these things. It will get you into the habit of setting aside time daily. This way, even after Lent, you may still fulfill these. Don’t be hasty and try to rush through the prayers and the books! Trust me, they are much more enjoyable when you take your time.

3. Cutting Back

One thing I find the most sacrificial is cutting back on my amount of food intake. If you tell yourself not to eat junk, it might work! Write it down on your Lent list!

Each year, I try to stay away from all unneeded food items. And during the Lent Season, I force myself to eat healthier. I’ll have a piece of fruit for breakfast, maybe a salad for lunch, and well-cooked dinner meal. I cut off desserts, and I cut off snacks.

But, you can cut back on more than just food. If you watch too much TV, or you spend too much time on computers, or anything else, just add it to your list! Force a limited amount of time on these things, and perhaps, by the end of Lent, you will still do so!

4. Placing the List

A last thing to remember about this is you cannot simply write the list and leave it in a notebook. Unless you use the notebook daily, I do not encourage it. You must put the list somewhere you will see it more often; for example, someplace in your room may be appropriate.

I tape mine to one of the walls in my bedroom; that way, I’ll see it every day of Lent. It inspires you to do what you said you would, and it truly helps make Lent easier.

Now, hopefully, this small list has helped someone! It helps me for sure. I hope you all are a little more prepared for Lent now! Good luck all!

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My name is Emily McKinnon, I'm an average Catholic homeschooling girl who has traveled all around the world. Being in a retired Air Force family, I was able to tour Europe, and half of the world. I have lived in many different places, such as, Germany, Texas, South Carolina, and many other places. I now live in Colorado, which I love dearly, but if anyone were ever to ask: I am a Texan at heart! I am the eighth of ten kids, and I love baking, writing, reading, crocheting, painting, and everything Disney related!

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