Download the Reading Club Achievement Certificate!

Award your Summer Reading Champions!

Congratulations! For many, it’s a big deal to plough through 6 books in a couple of months.

Download your Reading Certificate, print it out, sign it and mount it!

Celebrate and share your reading fun!

When you’re done, take a picture and send it in to us. The Club would like to showcase all the hard work your readers have done this summer! You could also:

  • Take a photo with your finished books and certificate.
  • Create a costume of your favorite character.
  • Create a drawing of a character, or a scene.
  • Create a model of a scene from a book from lego, or clay, or anything else.
  • Do a creative dramatization on all or part of any book read.

Submit a Photo of Your Reading Club Achievement

Download Entry Consent Form, sign & submit.
Upload My Form

You can scan it, or take a photo and upload.


Maximum size 10MB. Photo Submission Guidelines here. Please ensure that shoulders and midriff are covered, no short skirts or shorts, according to our Dress Guidelines.

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