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How it Works

  1. Register for free!
  2. May 1st: Receive an email with your Book List.
  3. Choose any six titles from your list (you may even own some already!).
  4. Read your books.
  5. Write a short summary or make a short oral presentation to the parent on each book.
  6. Parent authenticates that all the work is completed.
  7. Print and Sign the Achievement Certificate!

Grade Levels

  • Primary Grades  PK – 3
  • Intermediate Grades  4 – 6
  • Upper Elementary Grades 7 – 8
  • High School Grades 9 – 12


Celebrate and share your reading fun by sending us something to share on this page:

  • Take a photo with your finished book and certificate.
  • Create a costume of your favorite character.
  • Create a drawing of a character, or a scene.
  • Create a model of a scene from a book from lego, or clay, or anything else.
  • Do a creative dramatization on all or part of any book read.

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