The Seton Winter Quarter Art Challenge

The Seton Winter Quarter Art Challenge

Thanks for your interest in this challenge!

It has now been upgraded into Seton’s end-of-year ‘Basket of Cheer’!

Normally, challenges don’t have prizes, but by folding it into the larger contest, you are now eligible to win a first place prize of $50 and be featured in the printable issue of the Bayley Bulletin, as well as here in the online bulletin.

We have expanded our ‘Basket of Cheer’ to accomodate four categories; art, poetry, short story and Christmas tradition article

Come on over! You can enter as many categories as you like!

As always, Seton judges are looking for the best quality and care in the craft of writing, or use of medium and attention to detail in art.

If you missed this deadline, and are still gunning for the Dec 15th challenge deadline, you can still enter for a chance to be published online here in the Bulletin. Simply contact us here to let us know that you have an entry!


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