Seton’s Guidance – In Your Corner for High School & Beyond

Seton’s Guidance – In Your Corner for High School & Beyond

How We Help You?

The Guidance and Records department provides many services. Let’s start with Guidance.

Every high school students’ enrollment documents and file come through this office with each registration for a new series of classes. Before signing off on an enrollment, a guidance counselor reviews a student’s course load, transcript, and potential academic trajectory to clear the way ahead of any roadblocks to graduation and also to make sure a course load is appropriate.

On many occasions, a student or parent will call us just to make sure the student is selecting the right courses before enrolling. If you or your high school student has not done this yet, we strongly encourage you to do so soon.

Secondarily, the Guidance Office offers straight-forward advice regarding college and career preparation. This includes everything from recommendations about academic preparations to brainstorming sessions with parents about possibilities to move forward in a trade or career vis a vis the current environment in the job market.

When it comes to college applications, Seton’s Guidance & Records Department also offers recommendation letters and official transcripts for graduating students. All other official documentation, such as proof of enrollment letters and records release requests, can be processed through the records department by the registrar.

We’re in Your Corner.

The philosophy of the Guidance & Records Department is simple: to go to bat for every Seton student, every time.

Many students and parents feel a bit of trepidation in contacting Seton for a transcript or letter of recommendation. This is certainly understandable, because the process of applying for college is a harrying one, with a result that has life-long consequences.

The Guidance Department seeks to make its part in the process as smooth and pleasant as possible by being responsive, communicative, and thorough with regard to these requests. Moreover,

Seton’s Guidance office communicates directly with a college admissions office on behalf of a student when necessary to clear up the occasional question.

Making College Entry Easier

A recent example of such a scenario comes to mind. The Guidance Department was contacted by a Seton family asking for assistance in obtaining admission to the Georgia university of their choice.

Seton’s Health class (Nutrition), they said, did not meet the science requirement for the university, despite the subject, under a different class title, being on a list of acceptable courses.

Seton’s Guidance office contacted the University’s representative, pleading the case of the family and clarifying the scope and sequence of Seton’s course, arguing that it satisfied the Georgia requirement.

Within 24 hours, the University contacted Seton and the family to let them know that the Nutrition course had been accepted and the student had received admission to the university.

Our Personal Touch

Seton’s Guidance & Records Department is notable for the personal touch of all the individuals working in the department. Combined with the consummate professionalism of each individual in the department, this level of care is unsurpassed. You can be sure that your guidance needs will be more than met by Seton Home Study School’s Guidance & Records Department.

Plans for the Future

One of our goals for the future is to set up a section online for our department. This page will more clearly detail the department’s available services, and how students and families can obtain them.

Additionally, a long term goal will be to create an application that will assist students in building their own academic and personal portfolio, which will help them in whichever path in life they choose.

About Nick Marmalejo

Nick Marmalejo, a history major, graduated from Christendom College in 2001. He holds a Virginia Teacher Certification and lives in the Shenandoah Valley with his wife and three children.

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