Homeschool 101: A Month-to-Month Guide to Get the Most from Your First Year

Packed with insights from homeschool voices and veterans, and hosted by Mary Ellen Barrett, this selection of handy articles from Seton Magazine will help your family get started and stay on track throughout your first year.

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Your host is Mary Ellen Barrett, a mother of seven children and two in Heaven. With the help of her husband David, she has homeschooled her children for eleven years using Seton and an enormous amount of books. A lifelong New Yorker, she is a columnist for The Long Island Catholic. She has spoken at the IHM Conferences, and writes regularly for Seton Magazine.

Already schooling? No problem. Most of our articles will work for you all year! We’ve just grouped them into handy, bite-sized sections.

Here’s a sample of the coming sections:

1. Getting Started

When you sign up for this series, you get immediate access to Getting Started. We’ve hand-picked 5 of our best articles loaded with tips for starting your school year. Some of our most popular homeschooling authors write about celebrating your first day, ways to orient your school year from the beginning, and best practices for using Seton’s lesson plans—and more.

2. Controlling Your Schedule

Now that you’re all home, and getting used to it, it’s easy to add one more family commitment. And then one more. Before you know it, time and energy is overextended, and homeschool is running aground. No more. This roundup of articles helps you get ahead of the game before it happens to keep tension down and enjoyment high in the home.

3. Restoring Order

Right around this time, families are focusing hard on their schoolwork, and getting comfortable with the rhythm. It’s common that basic things like keeping the house organized, getting all the wash done, and making dinner on time have fallen by the wayside. This selection of articles helps inject fresh energy into both schoolwork and housework.

4. Getting Dad Involved

For most families, mom is the Homeschooler in Chief. But mom and the kids are home most of the time with each other. Sometimes things start fraying around the edges. In this lineup of articles, we explore how dads bring a crucial contribution to the homeschool effort. By expressing interest and conducting a simple review of what the children have learned, dad’s support is vital to homeschool success.

5. Defuse Burnout

It happens. Some families push themselves fast and hard. Mom is a go-getter who doesn’t set aside enough time for herself. You’re all taking weekends to catch up on extra assignments. Before you start pulling out any hair, take fresh stock of everything and put it back into balance. Rediscover ‘mom time’ as one of the most important parts of your day. Everyone wins.

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