Song of the Silent Night

Song of the Silent Night
Poetry finalist in the 2016 ‘Basket of Cheer’ Contest | Grade 11.

In the coming Christmas season, we look forward to sharing the honorable mentions with you!

When day wanes swift and night dwells long,
When wind’s sharp silver keenly blows,
Then softly voices raise the song
That drifts above the silent snow:
O Come Emmanuel.

Where silence settles incensed air,
Where darkness dims soft candleglow,
There heartbeat throbs a hopeful prayer
That earnest lips yet murmur low:
O Come Emmanuel.

When in the depths of human hearts
That poignant chord is struck,
It sounds, resounds and echoes there
And sings like silver on the air
Till every heartbeat throbs the prayer:
O Come Emmanuel

When comes the deepest darkest night
When stars are muted, save but one—
Then shines that single steadfast light
With rising radiance of the Son
To light the Midnight Clear.

About Regina Peters

Regina Peters is a seventeen year old Junior with Seton, and loves art in all its forms: from drawing to music to writing. Much of her inspiration for writing, especially poetry, is drawn from music and the beauty of Creation. She has also been strongly influenced by the writings of G. K. Chesterton, her favorite author. A few of her hobbies are reading, writing, drawing, figure-skating, and discovering new words in any of her three dictionaries.


  1. Emily McKinnon

    This is very pretty, Regina! Congrats!

  2. HolyHobbit

    Exquisite job!! ? congratulations!!!!


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