Student Profile: Carmen Payne

Student Profile: Carmen Payne

1. What makes your family unique to other families you know?

My family is different because we are military, which means I have friends who live all over the United States and some all around the world! I am the oldest of eight fabulous kids!

My family is (currently) evenly “scored” with 4 boys and 4 girls, how often does that happen?! My dad is a convert from Southern Baptist and a lot of his family still is, making a unique opportunity for my family to be familiar with our Protestant brothers and sisters on Christ.

2. What is an average homeschooling day with Seton like for you?

An “average” day for me with homeschooling would be a rare sight, but most days I get up at about seven and choke down some cereal. I get my morning toilรฉt done and do my chores which currently consists of doing the dishes and taking care of my pet holland lop rabbit named Rosy Cotton-tail.

I start on math, one of my most difficult subjects, with the whole family at the kitchen table which goes for about an hour. Then I generally move on to a more enjoyable subjects such as English or reading. I do history until about Rosary time, 11:45, after which is lunch and more after meal chores.

Read aloud with the family or personal reading during Resting and Reading alternates by day and lasts until 1:30. I’ll finish history and go to religion proceeding to piano practice from 4pm to 4:30pm.

Some days I do all of my subjects at the library and we are actually trying a “block schedule” now. I will do my easier subjects for two days at the library one day and two days of harder subjects the next. That might become my all around schedule soon, we’re trying it out now. ๐Ÿ™‚

When my dad gets home in the evenings we work on Spanish together since he is so talented at it. There were probably some various ridiculous and random episodes or outbursts that definitely did not disrupt my very academic and educational day and which we won’t go into.

3. Whatโ€™s something you have done that you really enjoyed doing?

I really enjoy doing 4H, it gives my family the opportunity to go to only about one meeting per month, and still allows everyone in my family to pursue different interests. One of the things I did this year for 4H was a leadership project, which I interviewed with a judge and wrote about for the county fair.

My leadership project was to put on my parish’s Homeschool All Saints Day Party! I did a performing arts project as well where I organized the Living Stations of the Cross with my homeschool group. Rosy Cotton-tail did very well this year in the 4H rabbit show receiving a blue ribbon in holland lops and getting reserve champion in showmanship (how well you know your rabbit and general rabbit knowledge) in the 14-18 age group.

I also did several visual arts projects, like sketching, drawing, painting, and crafts, and some foods projects. Being homeschooled allowed me to have time for all my projects done in time for fair all while preparing to move from Kansas to Virginia.

4. What are your hobbies and interests?

I have several hobbies one of which is reading. The local library put on a summer reading program this year that was different from what I had ever seen, for each 20 minutes one read they received one library dollar. I ended up making nearly 400 library dollars that I used recently at the end of year auction.

I also enjoy playing piano, I play almost any type of music (haven’t figured out rap yet but we’re getting there, for the Tobymac songs ya know?). I have had the privilege to play at nursing homes when 4H or homeschool groups go to do service projects, or when my family and I go to visit my 108 year old great grandpa Victor (nope that’s not a typo! He’s clear as a bell. It’s awesome.) I will usually play for him and some of the other residents.

I also play ukulele a little, it’s my first string instrument (with strumming anyway) and I love it!! I am absolutely obsessed with music, and I’m a Tolkienite all the way!

I paint saint peg dolls (picture a wooden cylinder with a wooden ball on top, that’s a peg doll. The girls have skirt shaped torsos, more cone-ish than cylinder. Google it, they’re cool.) and my favorite saints are the “holy unknowns” like saint John the Silent or Saint Quiteria.

I’m kind of a Saint hipster, my patron Saint is Saint Symphorian. You’ve probably never heard of him.

5. What are some things you do as a family and on your own that you particularly enjoy?

My family has the opportunity to experience different cultures through my dad’s work a lot! My dad teaches tactics at a military college and I get to meet so many new people and share ideas. One thing I have learned is that whether you’re from Austria, Canada, Romania or America, women all still all like talking about babies and food. I had a super unique experience with a guy from the United Arab Emirates.

He was Muslim, and he asked me what Easter was. I don’t know how much he believed, there was some eyebrow raising but I hope I planted some seeds, who knows the Lord works in many ways. So I got to tell a guy who doesn’t believe that Issa, Jesus, even died that I celebrate Him coming back to life because, by the way, He’s God, no biggie. I laughed when the guy asked why there are bunnies so I said that rabbits have lots of babies, so new life.

My dad also likes to show some of the foreign students the “jackalope” head we bought for him and warn them about these vicious little mammals (if they don’t pick it up we eventually tell them). We’ve had some amazing fun with the other students and their families, especially our Canadian friends (did you know they really do apologize a lot? ;) ).

I love the ability to know that I am helping to spread understanding in the world and meet so many souls!

6. What do you hope to do in the future?

God knows. Haha, but really, I have been feeling led to work as a nurse, specifically, an obstetrics nurse. I would love to work with mommies and babies, if not in the delivery room then definitely doing ultrasounds and doing monthly check ups and the like.

I have felt more called toward marriage for my “big V” Vocation, but I am totally open to whatever God calls me to do. In the mean time I plan to finish high school, two more years (AAAH!!) and then get the required stuff out of the way at a community college close to my family.

When/if I need more instruction (maybe I’ve felt led the complete wrong way, with me it could happen.) I’ll move on to a bigger college. In the near future, I am moving from Kansas, with rolling hills, roads like a grid, and prairie, to Virginia, with lots of twisty roads, mountains, and bears (no kidding, I saw three on our house hunting trip.)

I’m sure it will normalize soon, but right now I’m just praying for the intercession of Saint Francis Xavier for accent translation!


  1. Emily McKinnon

    Great post, Carmen! Wow, your life sounds so full of adventure! That’s so neat that you do 4H! And that you play piano and ukulele! Also, super amazing that you’re a military family! We’re a retired military family! My dad was an Air Force pilot! :) I think it’s amazing what you hope to do in the future! God bless! <3

    • HolyHobbit

      very neat! My dad is an artillery guy (canons and guns and such booming things) thanks so much and God bless you as well!! :)

  2. Clare

    Really interesting post Carmen! You have a lot of awesome hobbies & interests. ;)

    • HolyHobbit

      super! Thanks ;)

  3. Alyssum Pylar

    Hi Carmen!
    That’s cool that you paint saint peg dolls! I’ve always wanted to try that.
    Nope, never heard of St. Symphorian. :)
    WOW — your grandpa is 108??? My great-grandma lived to be 99!

    • HolyHobbit

      That’s so cool! They arent really that hard, there are lots of peg doll styles for all ranges of skill! You should look around and see if there’s a swap in your area or someone who could show you a bit! Theyre really fun to do!

      • Alyssum Pylar

        Ok, cool. :)
        Wait — YOU’RE HolyHobbit??? Now I know your secret identity!

        • HolyHobbit

          lol yes, IM holyhobbit…THE SECRET IS OUT EVERYONE!!

          • Amelia Coleman

            NO WAY!!!! HI!!!!!

          • HolyHobbit

            dude. way. ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜œ HII!!

          • Amelia Coleman

            This is so cool :’)

          • HolyHobbit

            im laughing so hard!! :))

          • Amelia Coleman

            ur so tricky :| xD

          • HolyHobbit


          • Emily McKinnon

            The secret has been exposed!!! HollyHobbit is in fact Carmen Payne!!! XD

          • HolyHobbit

            Omgoodness, I feel like some kind of spy…๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜‚

          • Emily McKinnon

            hahahaha! but doesn’t that make you feel so cool? XD

          • HolyHobbit

            *giggle* yeah a little…

  4. Amelia Coleman

    I can’t believe that you’re HolyHobbit!!!!! Before my youngest brother came, we were 4 and 4 too :))
    You are so cool, Carmen! Way to go!

    • HolyHobbit

      Hahaha!! Thats so neat!! so youre 5 and 4 now? Awesome job mi amiga!! give your mom a high five for me!! Thanks so much!! ;)

  5. Ruth Jim Outman

    Love the article. Hope your settled in Virginia now.


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