Student Profile | Elodie Pierlot

Student Profile | Elodie Pierlot

1. What makes your family unique to other families you know?

I think my family is unique because we’re so…. well random!

The amount of countries we are from, our history, our personalities, and what we love doing is so random! I’m the eldest child, nearly fifteen years old. I have two younger sisters, and a brother- who doesn’t stop talking WHATSOEVER! In a few weeks, my mum is going to have another child, which we figured out was a girl. This was a huge surprise to us!

I think we’re pretty random, because we’re from five countries- half French, quarter Irish, quarter English, and in our French side we have a little Algerian and Norwegian- so my seven year old brother thinks he’s a Viking XD!

On both of my grandparents sides, we’ve had a pretty military/police history. Half of my family was in the RAF, and my great grandfather nearly earned a Victoria Cross. But because of my great fear of heights I joined the Sea Cadet Corps instead- becoming a Royal Marines Cadet Lance Corporal with my dad as the Detachment Commander of our unit. My brother is our mascot!

My sisters and I do dance, whilst my brother does Rugby. -To be honest, we’re pretty random.

2. What is an average homeschooling day with Seton like for you?

I get up around nine-thirty every morning. To others, this probably seems a bit late. I do cadets two nights a week, coming home at ten every night and dance the rest of the days, so I need that slight lie in.

I usually start my work after my mum and the others do. They don’t do Seton, because my mum does homeschooling which she teaches herself. I’ve always been homeschooled, but I started Seton only in 2015. So far, it’s enjoyable!

Around lunch time, we all go outside for ‘fresh air’ as my mum says. It’s a habit we’ve had since I can remember. After an afternoon’s schoolwork, I either go to dance or cadets, or make dinner for my mum.

3. What’s something you have done that you really enjoyed doing?

Because we’re part of the Sea Cadet Corps, we do a HUGE amount of boating along with a HUGE amount of field-craft, stalking, ambushes, etc. There’s a huge range of boating we do, from sailing, kayaking, rowing, canoeing, power-boating, windsurfing, and sliding-seat-rowing.

I tried sliding-seat-rowing for fun one night, but then I realized that THIS was the water-sport I lived for. The thin boat in cadets is called a Yole.

I wanted to enter the Combined Regatta we do every year, so I partnered up and trained lots. We won District against ourselves (XD) and then made it to Area- which we didn’t win. I was so disappointed I was determined to do it again next year.

So last year, we won District against ourselves again, WON area, and came FOURTH at nationals! We know there was a mix-up with the medals, because we did win enough races to get bronze, but the judges didn’t see that. I accept it, and in my new partner’s heart and I, we know we’re third.

So if you ever get a chance of yoleing or sliding-seat-rowing, I recommend it!

4. What are your hobbies and interests?

I do three types of dancing- ballet, since I was six, tap dancing, and modern.

I also live to story write!

6. What do you hope to do in the future?

In the future, I hope to become a published author, (maybe a professional ballerina) and a police woman, to carry on my father’s side trait. ?

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  1. Emily McKinnon

    Wow, this is great, Elsie! :) It sounds like you have a pretty full life, haha! :) So cool that you have so much military in your history. As you already know, my Dad is a retired Air Force Pilot. And, now one of my brother’s is hoping to get to the Air Force Academy soon! I always did want to be a Pilot, and I always wanted to be in the RAF. But, I don’t think that’s happening anytime soon, haha. :) And, I know how you feel about writing! I don’t think I could ever stop writing! :) Also, three different types of dancing?!!?!? NICE! I may start Classic Tap Dance at some point, otherwise, I’m hoping to at least do Irish Tap Dance and/or Irish Jig! :) Also, I know what you mean by “random.” :) Our ancestry is composed of mainly Irish, French-Canadian, Scottish, German, and a hint of Indian. :)

    • Elodie Pierlot

      Thanks, Em&M! :) Yes, I suppose we do- although it’ll all probably come to a standstill for a while when Thea (our baby’s chosen name) comes! :) And yes, I did know that- so did he fly many planes? That’s sooo cool! It must be awesome to fly them! :) And I bet you could go into the RAF! I’ll support you all the way :) Yep- when I’m older and I have the weekends free, I’ll literally just sit down and write the whole weekend away! :) And yes…. three! I know but it’s awesome! Did you know, that between me and my sisters we have 14 dance lessons a week?!! And yes! Start tap dancing! It’s so cool! But what’s the difference between Irish tap and Classic tap? And the Irish jig? That’s so epic! I wanna do that! :) And I love the mixture of your nationality! :))

      • Emily McKinnon

        Hey, Elsie! :) That’s a beautiful name: Thea. I really like that! :)
        Yes, my Dad flew MANY planes! When he was still in the AF, he would fly the F-16’s! :) Now, though, I’m not sure what he flies. I know that he teaches the young new students from the Academy, but I’m not sure which planes he teaches in. :/ But, he flies a plane at least once a day!–unless weather is bad. :)
        Oh, yay! I could use a supporter, haha! :)
        Right? I’m pretty sure any “free days” of mine will be spent either writing of hiking/journeying. :) Two of my favorite things to do, next to baking. :)
        Wow, that’s crazy! But, really cool! I really should start looking into some dance lessons now, haha! :)
        Irish Tap kind of has a bit of a jig in it, but it’s still composed of tapping. Whereas, Classic Tap is just the original tap. And, Irish Jig is just the many jigs, haha! :) I promise there really is a huge difference, it’s just hard to explain. :/ But, I mainly want to learn Classic Tap! :)
        Oh, thanks! Can’t say it’s very interesting though, haha! :)

        • Elodie Pierlot

          I know! I think I might use the name in stories- base the characters on her maybe? I love the name :) I love Adelaide as well :)
          And he flies a plane AT LEAST ONCE A DAY?!!! That’s crazy! I bet he has so much fun!! Wow, I bet he can do loads of tricks in the planes- have you ever flown in one with him before?
          And I never knew about Irish tap, it sounds fun. I think there’s a difference between Class English Tap and Classic American Tap… I think English is a bit more jazzy whilst American is really low-down and millions of tapping sounds which I really would love to do!

          • Emily McKinnon

            It is a very gorgeous name. :) So is Adelaide, though! My parents were originally going to name me this awesome (super Gaelic) name: Eiley. Isn’t that such a beautiful name? And since they didn’t end up naming me that, I called dibs on it for my future child(granted I have a girl, haha)! :)
            Well, excepting Sundays and Saturdays. He’s normally off then. :) No, I’ve never flown with him. Though, I believe some of my other siblings have. :/ I’ll get my chance soon enough, haha! :)
            I prefer jazzy. So… :)

          • Elodie Pierlot

            Eiley? I LOVE that name!! :) How would you pronounce that? Ee-lee, or somthing like i-lee?
            I bet you can’t wait to fly with him! :)
            I prefer jazzy too, although American would be fun! :P

          • Emily McKinnon

            Yes! Thank you! It’s pronounced “I-lee”, haha! I should’ve mentioned that before. :)
            I can’t wait! :) Really, I hope I get to fly with him soon! :)
            Jazzy is the best! :)
            I’m hoping to start getting into a Community Theater (again)! :) If I can find a good Christian one near to us! :) What can I say, I love to sing/act/dance! :)

          • Elodie Pierlot

            Eiley… I love that name so much! :)
            I bet you can’t! :)
            I know, isn’t it the best? (Next to writing! Haha!) :)

          • Emily McKinnon

            Thanks! One of my older sisters had dibs on the name, and then when she got pregnant, her mind changed. She decided that if she had a girl(which she didn’t) that it would be too difficult for the baby to be able to say her own name. So, now I got it! Haha! :)
            Do you have one specific name that you really love?
            Well, nothing gets better than writing! :)

          • Elodie Pierlot

            That’s great! Now you can have Eiley as your own daughter! :))
            I love the name Matthias for a boy…. I always have! It’s just so, well, beautiful! For a girl, I’m not sure. I quite like the modern sort of names to be honest, like Harper, Leigh, or Ava. But Lillith is gorgeous! I love that, as well as Maddy. :)
            I know! :)

          • Emily McKinnon

            Yes! Worked out perfectly, haha! :)
            Matthias is a cute name. :) I like it. :) If I ever get married and have children, I’m pretty sure I have a full notebook of what my kids names will be! Haha! :) Mainly, I just love the boys names: Patrick, Nicholas, Liam, and Cole. :) As for girls, I like Eiley(obviously), Christelle, and Martina Kelly. The last name is the first I would choose, because Martin is my dad’s name, and Kelly is my moms. :) So, I just really wanted to keep their names in the family! :) Plus, I just really LOVE the name Martina! :)
            I LOVE the name Ava! :) I have friend who’s name is Maddy, and her nickname is Mad. :) Leigh and Lillith are pretty names too! I feel like if I do ever have any kids, all of their names are going to be those “really hard to pronounce” ones! Haha! :) I just really like all of the beautiful French and Gaelic names! :)

          • Elodie Pierlot

            Those a gorgeous names! I love Liam and Cole, they’re so sweet. I like Thaddeus and Luka too, and what about Louie? Oh and Alec! As well as Thomas, Eddie, Joseph, Immanuel… I could go on forever!
            I love those choices of names for your kids! Christelle and Martina Kelly- what an exotic, yet awesome name. I really like that :) I’d like to keep Thomas in my children’s names, because I have an uncle who’s only nine years older than me and we’re really close. Maybe Thomasina if I have a girl child?
            My uncle Thomas has a girlfriend in Brazil, and she’s called Maria Teresa, but everyone calls her Maite. (My-tay). I love that nickname so much! :)
            Yes, I agree. The french and Gaelic names are somehow special. Erin is lovely, and Blythe- but my nan’s dog is called Bythe! :)

          • Emily McKinnon

            Louie is a cute name too! I like it! :) My friend’s husband’s name is Alec! Isn’t it such a gorgeous name? I really like it! :) Haha! Two of my brother’s names are Thomas and Joseph. :) Those are some great names though! I just really really like Alec and Luka. :)
            Thanks! Christelle is a French name that I just kind of stumbled across. I was originally looking for names for story characters, then I found that one and immediately called dibs on it for a future child! :)
            Thomasina is a pretty name! She could still be nicknamed Tommy! :) Funny you should say that though, because one of our nicknames for Thomas, our brother, is Thomasino. :)
            I love the name Maite! We have a friend with that name! Isn’t it such a beautiful name?!? :)
            Erin is a really cute name. But, I couldn’t name any of my children that without my sister thinking it was named after her! See, my sister’s middle name is Erin. :) Blythe is an interesting name! But, really cool too! :)
            Yes! Gaelic and French names are the best! :) Oh! That’s one I want to add, I have also called dibs on the girl name: Corine. I love that name soooo much!–it’s seriously so pretty! Mainly, though, I love the name Eiley Rose! :)

          • Elodie Pierlot

            I know, the way we come across names is really cool. Often the best ones we stumble over are by accident! :)
            Yes, Maite is beautiful! I would so love to have a child named that, as well as all the billions of other names I love! (I might end up naming all my children with hundreds of middle names because I wouldn’t be able to choose which one! Haha!)
            Corine? That is gorgeous! Where does that originate from? :)
            Eiley Rose!!!! I want that now!!!!! Haha! My friend is Emmie Rose, but Eiley Rose?!?! That’s so pretty! :)

          • Emily McKinnon

            So true! :)
            Maite is so pretty, really! I’m falling in love with that name more and more now! XD
            Corine is a French name that I kind of just found one day. Haha! Isn’t it just so beautiful? My kids are gonna have some of the pettiest names!—-Granted the husband is an agreement with me. XD
            Thanks!!!! I’ve always loved the name!–And once my sister decided she didn’t want it: I immediately called dibs! In this house, you’ve got to call a name quickly if you really want it. :)
            Random question: have you ever been shooting? My dad and a few of the others(well, and me of course) go to a nearby gun range sometimes and “compete” against each other! It’s come to the point that I love guns so much that I feel like a real Texan, haha. XD

          • Elodie Pierlot

            I know, I hope the husband agrees with the names I love too XD
            Yep, it’s like that with everything in our house- from the last cereals, biscuits, and even what we’re gonna tell our parents about when we come home from somewhere exciting! :)
            Yes, I’ve been shooting. It’s such an indescribable feeling- the adrenaline and excitement and the feeling of ‘can I do this? Yes I can!’ builds up and explodes as you pull the trigger! I’ve shot live on a shooting range with cadets, but unfortunately (or not?!) I missed all the targets! Haha! I’ve shot blanks, have you?
            Oh and isn’t the smell of a rifle having been shot strangely pleasant? Haha should we even be discussing this as Catholics?!
            You definitely sound like a real Texan! :P

          • Emily McKinnon

            *le sigh* the husband will agree. I’ll make absolute certainty of it! :p
            Haha! That’s funny! Yep, that’s us! :)
            Right?!? I LOVE going to the gun range! I don’t know why, but it’s just such a good feel of…defense almost. :) Haha, I miss the target a lot too! You’re not alone! :)
            I can’t remember now. I might have… :/
            Yes! I don’t know why but the smell is really cool! Well, I’m doing my research report this year on the right to bear arms, so I’ve been finding lots of really cool facts about guns and so on. :)
            I know I do. As hard as I may try, I’ll always sound like a Texan! It doesn’t make it any better that I want a truck, does it? :)

  2. Amelia Coleman

    Wow! You’ve got one interesting family, Elodie! I wish I could do all that boating, it sounds like fun!

    • Elodie Pierlot

      Thanks! And yes, we’re very lucky to be able to do boating! :)

  3. Giselle Faber

    Wow really great article, Elodie!!:) Your family/life sounds so cool!!:) Being a Cadet in the Sea Corps sounds really awesome!:) It sounds like you have a busy life!:)

    • Elodie Pierlot

      Thanks :) It is, although half the time I have no breaks, so free weekends feel like a blessing :)

      • Giselle Faber

        Yea, I suppose that is the downside of doing so much! Have a great weekend!:)

        • Elodie Pierlot

          You too! (Although the weekend’s over for us here in England!) :)

          • Giselle Faber

            Lol, yea, I suppose so. So it is 8:15 here, what time would that be at your place?

          • Elodie Pierlot

            Well it’s two twenty five now, but I suppose it depends where you are in America it’s so big! England is all the same hour the whole way through :)

          • Giselle Faber

            Yea, I am in mountain time. It can be pretty confusing sometimes!! So what do you like to do most in your spare time?

          • Elodie Pierlot

            I love hanging out with my siblings in my spare time. My bother is seven and has four sisters! I feel a bit sorry for him so whenever I can I play as many boyish things as possible, like marine hiking, jedi fighting, cars, wrestling, and baking :) I love (embarrassing!) dancing in the kitchen when no-ones around! Haha! I really go for it, and (luckily) no one’s caught me doing it yet, lol! :P I like shooting my bow as well which my dad made for me- I have his old aluminum arrows and it used to be a longbow for me until I grew a little, haha! What do you like doing? Other than writing, of course! XD

          • Giselle Faber

            Lol, yea, I think my brother gets tired of all his sisters!! (there are five girls, one boy in my family) That is nice that you do stuff with him!!:)
            Yea, well, just as long as you aren`t dancing with the broom!! Lol, no I dance and sing all the time when no one is watching/listening! I love dancing in the snow! Which sounds weird. My brother hates it when I sing, but I love to do it, even if I don`t sound that great!!
            I have always wanted a bow!! That is cool that you have one!
            Well, writing, reading, and playing piano and organ are my favs, but I like taking walks, playing games with my sibs (as long as we aren`t arguing! We are all very competitive and argumentative!! But it can actually be pretty fun like that. It is just hard to get us all together.) I like singing, and organizing my bookshelves (weird I know). And sometimes I like just watching people. I know that sounds all weird and stalker-ish, but I like watching people when they are playing a game, or laughing, or playing an instrument, or talking, or whatever. I know, it is creepy!!

          • Elodie Pierlot

            Haha the more I find out about other Seton students, the more I feel like we’re like twins! So many of us have the same traits or loves, or something! :)
            No, I dance with a spoon instead and sing into it! Haha! Snow dancing? Wow I bet that is so cool! Does it snow lots in the mountains? It only snows rarely in England :) And haha, I bet you can sing don’t worry! I can’t and my family like to remind me teasingly :)
            Same, we compete all the time as well as argue! Haha sometimes we argue over tiny stupid things which is hilarious when we think about it so usually we fall about laughing when one of us points it out! Haha! :)
            Organizing things? YAYY! I’m not the only one who likes doing that!! I love tidying up my house and making sure all the chores are done, is that weird?! Haha :)
            And don’t worry, I like doing it too. I think it’s good to watch people because you can describe the actions and things better in books :)

          • Giselle Faber

            IKR!!:) That is totally how it is!!:)
            Well…….that makes sense!!:) I mean, you need to get practice with a mic right?!
            It is cool!!:) Even if it sounds kind of weird!:) Lol, yup!! It has been super snowy this year, but we usually get quite a bit. Helena, where I live, is in a valley, so it doesn`t get nearly as much snow as the mountains. Both of my parent`s parents live up in the Bearpaw mountains, so when we visit them in the winter, there is a LOT of snow there! Which is really cool for sledding and snowmobiling. But it is fun to do!!:)
            Well, my brother would argue with you about that!!! I am certainly not a superb singer!! Mediocre at best, really. So what are some of your favorite songs and bands?
            My brother and I really like to argue, but it drives me Mom nuts! Honestly, we don`t even really realize we are doing it sometimes until Mom tell us to stop!! I think it would be fun to be on a debate team. Then you could argue without getting in trouble!!!:)
            I like organizing things, but I am lots of times too lazy!! But it is fun to do! But I can be super choleric and bossy sometimes!! That drives my brother nuts too!!
            Yea, but for people who don`t write it is probably weird!!:) However, it is something I like doing when I am just sitting around somewhere or something.
            Do you have a really strong accent? Or at least do you consider yourself to have one? I honestly thing Montanans don`t have much of an accent (very very few of us talk like an old western movie!!) but when people from say New York come here they seem to think we do.

          • Elodie Pierlot

            Whoa, I bet it’s so cool to sled in the mountains!!! And so do you live with your grandparents then? You said you visit your parents… so… sorry if I’m being nosey :)
            Ugh, don’t get me started on the current bands!! Some of them are terrible, I mean most singers and bands nowadays have such bad influences and things! Most of them are … well… dodgy? Although lots of singers are still OK. I like Ellie Goudling, James Arthur, Calum Scott, and Michael Buble and Clean Bandit. What singers/bands do you like? :)
            Haha, I know! Half the time my siblings and I would be amazing debating with each other :) I know, I get a bit bossy too sometimes- although I don’t realize it. :/
            Yeah, out of the car/bedroom window is my favourite! I stare at everyone then! Haha:)
            Well I have a English accent I guess…. Bedfordshire one so that’s apparently posh everywhere I go! There’s loads of different accents in England- it just depends were you go/live. :) I pick up accents SUPER QUICKLY though, I mean at camps and that with cadets I sometimes come home talking like a Northerner! :) You can look up the bedfordshire accent and see for yourself if it’s ‘posh!’ let me know your answer! Haha!:)
            And yes, American people DEFINITELY have accents! I bet you do have an accent, you just think so :P

          • Giselle Faber

            It is!! Lol, no, sorry I phrased that awkwardly. I was saying that both of my grandparents live up in the mountains. Sorry, I said that kind of weird!:) And no, you weren`t being nosey! if you said you lived on a different planet because you had been abducted by aliens, I would be interested! (Although I might also just be worried about you mental health!!:))
            Ikr!! Some of the “music” these days is just so horrible!! You can`t even turn on the radio anymore! My favorite country station was just turned into a rap one, so I am not very happy about that! Yea, it is hard to find a band/singer that is totally good. I really like Celtic Thunder, The Piano Guys, Jackie Evancho, Daniel O`Donnell, Il Divo, Josh Groban, and a few country singers. I have heard Michael Buble, but none of the others. I should look them up!:)
            Lol, we are two peas in a pod I guess!:)
            I can believe that you are “posh”!!:p Yea, I guess it makes sense if there were a bunch of different accents! Lol, I love watching BBC shows!!:)
            And I love doing accents!! I can`t say that I pick them up too quickly but they are still fun!
            I will def look it up!:)
            Well, I just think that Montanans have less of an accent then other states. You will agree with me once you hear me talk and once you hear a Georgian or New Yorker talk!!

          • Elodie Pierlot

            Oh haha, no worries :) And gosh, that’s a good point. Although I don’t particularly want to be abducted by aliens, thank you. :P
            A rap radio station?! Seriously? Ugh, that’s just…. well sad. I don’t think that music with bad words in it is cool, nor is anything dirty minded in songs. It’s just horrific. What has the world come to?!
            You watch BBC in America?! Heck I didn’t know that you could! :)
            I bet, but for me all Americans have accents- strong or not!:)

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