Homeschooler Emily is on Track to Run and Succeed in Life

Homeschooler Emily is on Track to Run and Succeed in Life

Thunk, thunk, thunk, is the sound of six hundred feet echoing in my ears.

I can feel the condensation of salty sweat, penetrating the pores of my brow with every step I take. The cheering enhances the adrenaline that’s gushing through my veins.

Every portion of energy, both mental and physical, thrusting me towards the finish line. In the midst of the high rise of excitement within me, I feel the sudden grasp of despair.

One that creeps into the mind, placing the slightest shadow of doubt that says “you can’t!”

But a stronger force, one that overpowers the doubt, allows me to push aside the seconds that seem like eternity. This time is crucial as I push forth with a stronger and more resolved will to shoot across the destination marking the completion of the race.

I am a runner, always been one. I’ve never been able to ignore the urging inside to move faster than the average pace life offers. Homeschooling rises above this pace in my life.

It affords opportunities to succeed, and to move at the pace that works for me, and not the pace at which the world wants me to move.

The opportunities I have been afforded through the tremendous blessing of being homeschooled are immeasurable.

Homeschooling has impacted my life to rise above, forming me stronger mentally, physically, and spiritually, giving me the foundation to achieve my dream as a runner for God, amidst the runners of the world.

In the abounding excitement of a race, there are also circumstances created to test the mental capacity of a runner. There are two objectives in a race that can mentally damage your goal.

The first is the runners alongside you, who seem faster and better than you. The second objection is your own mind. Every runner experiences this essence of persistent doubt that forces its way in causing you to give up or feel utterly hopeless.

However, I have been afforded the knowledge to overcome this obstacle.

The mentality of one’s mind, when committing to a race, and the hours of dedication involved whether in training or in the actual race itself, absolutely must be firm in his or her goal.

For me, homeschooling has been the consistent source of making me firm in my goal as a runner. I rely on solid moral standards in life. Having the freedom to choose classes that mold my Christian morals into a resolute will is truly amazing.

Choice of studies has allowed me to focus on ideals that stabilize me cognitively. It has also helped me have a firmer stamina mentally in the stressful situation of life that helps motivate me.

Through the time my schooling allows, I am able to better prepare myself mentally and strengthen myself.

I have been blessed with a sense of perseverance and motivation. I have to prepare for races in how I eat, sleep, and the amount of time I put into training. Homeschooling reaches this ideal endeavor.

Because I do my school at home and not at a public school, I am able to eat meals that are organic, balanced and protein-packed.

A well rounded diet, especially when food is used as fuel to run, is mandatory. My school schedule allows a lot more time to train. I get to run with my family sometimes, also allowing bonding time with them.

Homeschooling truly allows me to put forth, physically, the best I can when I run.

The miracle to run is so amazing to me. The fact the not only can we move but we can move at different speeds of our own likeness is truly a gift. Without my spiritual foundation that is founded in Christ, I would not be able to do anything.

Being homeschooled with a curriculum that supports that is so important to me. I get to learn daily about God and his efforts in humanity. I get to go to daily Mass, adoration, and participate in church activities.

Homeschooling offers such flexibility. When I run, each step I take is for Christ.

Homeschooling lets me grow closer to God. While I train and learn to persevere, I get to grow spiritually stronger. As I grow in admiration of God the more I want to do for Him.

Therefore, homeschooling has allowed me to not only want to run and succeed, but run and succeed for Him.

I am who I am today, and successful as runner, because of homeschooling. Being able to eat well, train and grow stronger mentally is a blessing not to be taking for granted.

Most importantly it has taught me to give all Glory to God. I am grateful to be homeschooled.

It allows me to rise above and succeed. Homeschooling has helped me achieve my dream as a runner.

“Glorificamus Deum semper”!

About Emily Rybak

Emily Rybak is a rising, joy-filled, junior from a wonderfully devoted, large Catholic family. She credits older brothers with igniting her healthy competitive desire and her passion to run. Emily holds first chair in her local symphony on French horn, enjoys competing in piano competitions and recently advanced to the State competition in piano. She is currently self-training in gymnastics, learning the bagpipes, and cannot wait to see the future God has in store for her. She insists that when she discovers that, she will run to fulfill it!

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