Student Profile: John Regnier

Student Profile: John Regnier
Winner of the 2016 ‘Basket of Cheer‘, John was a finalist in the Short Story Category

What makes your family unique to other families you know?

My family is very tall! I top all of my siblings and parents at six foot seven inches, but most of my siblings and my dad are over six feet.

My family has always been musical, with every child starting piano lessons at age five and ending senior year of high school.

We’re all very competitive, which is both a good thing, and a bad thing. Good, because we push each other to be the very best we can be. Bad, because sometimes competition can get between us and make tensions run high.

We love the outdoors and we spend much of our free time at our northwoods cabin.

What is an average homeschooling day with Seton like for you?

I wake up at 6:30 a.m. sharp and begin my school day. I usually start with an enjoyable subject like Chemistry, but it varies day by day.

After breakfast, I normally go to daily Mass and bring school work along in the car. When we get home, I practice piano for half an hour, then I work hard to get the rest of my school work done.
I usually finish around 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon, then use the rest of my day reading, writing, or helping my parents.

What’s something you have done that you really enjoyed doing?

I participated in National Novel Writer’s Month this November which was a lot of fun. Participants try to write a 50,000 word novel during the thirty days of November. It wasn’t easy, but I did manage to finish my novel. It was a stressful but rewarding experience that allowed me to accomplish my life-long goal of writing a novel.

This year I became obsessed with Chemistry. After my siblings told me how awful it was for them, I entered Junior year dreading the subject. When I gave it a chance, I realized that I really enjoyed learning about it. It just makes sense to me.

What are your hobbies and interests?

I can honestly say that I enjoy doing schoolwork. Besides a few unpleasant courses (i.e. History), I enjoy the challenge of learning new things. I’m also an obsessive reader. If I’m not stopped, I’ll burn through a five hundred page book in a day sometimes.

My bookshelf is one of my favorite possessions, and one of my pastimes is rearranging my many books in different ways. Finally, I’m a writer. My passion for writing really grew this year especially.

I write poetry, short stories, novels, anything with words. If I’m not writing (or reading), I’m thinking up lines of poetry or plots for future stories while I go through my day.

What are some things you do as a family and on your own that you particularly enjoy?

With my two oldest siblings out of college and in the workforce, and an older sister far away at college, I just try to get as much sibling time as possible.

Whether it’s playing the Nutzy card game in the family room, singing at the top of our lungs while we clean the kitchen after meals, or duck hunting in sub-zero temperatures (oh the memories!), anything and everything is an adventure for us. If it’s not, we’re sure to make it into one!

What do you hope to do in the future?

The short answer is: I don’t know.

As a Junior, future plans have really been on my mind, but I don’t really know what I going to do. I’d love to be an author someday, but I could just as well see myself as a chemical engineer.
Right now I’m just trying to sort through my options, try out as many new things as possible, and pray for God’s will.

In the end, I’m not worried, because I know that His plan is so much better than anything I’ll come up with.

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  1. Emily McKinnon

    Great interview, John. I love how the first thing you say is that you’re all tall, haha. My brother in law is super tall too! He’s 6’5, I think. So, yes, you’re taller. (: But, his family is insanely tall! It’s so cool that you like to do piano! I was taught piano for about 5/6 years. Now I teach my two younger siblings piano one lesson a week! It’s fun! I love writing too! I might do NANO next November. Scared of the thought of having one month, but I think the competition might be fun. Any words of advice? (:

  2. HolyHobbit

    Hi John!! So super amazing that you love writing, I’m an avid reader as well but I’m not so good at putting my ideas on paper (though granted I have several ideas). Lol, I’m one of the only tall people in my family of 10! I play piano as well and I just finished learning some Bach (challenging…?), I’ve only been learning for 2-3ish years but I love it!! I’m also one fo the only competitive people in my family!! I read (and LOVED!!!!!!!) your short story!!! Such a thrilling concept and very original!!! It was excellent!! Thanks for sharing about yourself and your family!! ?


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