Student Profile: Stella Baird

Student Profile: Stella Baird

1. What makes your family unique to other families you know?

One thing, is that my mom and I are both dancers. My mom is a tap dancer and teacher, and I have been doing ballet for seven years. Its nice to have a mom who is a dancer because, she understands how I feel and love dance, even if we don’t do the same exact styles of dance.

Another thing is that my dad loves to cook, but my mom doesn’t necessarily love to cook. My dad makes some of the best meals I’ve ever had, even all my friends love his cooking!

2. What is an average homeschooling day with Seton like for you?

I am not an early riser, and my mom is pretty flexible with letting me sleep in, so I usually wake up 8:30-9:00, get washed up and dressed, and start with an easy subject like my French, just to get the ball rolling. I don’t usually have a specific order in which I do my subjects(since I’m an only child, I don’t have any siblings who need help), I just do them in whatever order I want(which is what I love about homeschooling).

3. What’s something you have done that you really enjoyed doing?

I went to a private Catholic school for all of my elementary school years, and I’m not going to lie, I really did enjoy my experience. The teachers were always so helpful and nice, and I made some of my best friends there(and we’re still best friends today).

The only downside to it was that, common core was starting to be implemented in the third grade, and my math grades went plummeting and they didn’t get any better. I was really struggling learning in the school environment, so that’s when my mom decided to pull me out after fifth grade.

I really love homeschooling because, I can learn at my own pace and I don’t feel pressured like I did in school.

4. What are your hobbies and interests?

I am a serious ballet dancer, doing classes 5 days a week and I love it so much. Other than that, my hobbies are kind of all over the place. I love to write, I take piano lessons, I’m obsessed with all things English(my dad was born in England and I have a bunch of family over there….I just haven’t been yet!), I’m a huge Harry Potter fan, I adore my bunny Tim, and recently, I’ve been very interested with makeup and trying out different techniques….its lots of fun!

5. What are some things you do as a family and on your own that you particularly enjoy?

My family and I love to play board games together, and just talk together, We find it especially amusing when we play with my rabbit Tim(he’s very cute!). On my own, I like to either read books I enjoy, or spend time with friends.

Being homeschooled, and especially not having any siblings, I find that I can get very lonely. I try every weekend (depending on what we have going) to get together with different friends. Its nice because, I have very good friends at my ballet studio that I see all the time during the week, so thats one way I stay social.

6. What do you hope to do in the future?

I want to go to college for dance in my BA and dance education for my MA(I may be a dance teacher like my mom). After college, I want to start a contemporary ballet company, or join a contemporary ballet company.

I also want to write a book, whats its going to be about I don’t know, but I’ve always dreamed of publishing a book since I was little. Of course, I want to get married and have children, but I don’t just want to be a stay at home mom, I want to have a career as well.

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  1. Teresa J.

    Hi Stella (pretty name, by the way!), great interview! Wow, ballet sounds so cool, and your devotion and commitment is obvious–and admirable. God bless you! :)

    • Stella B.

      Thank you so much Teresa! That means a lot, and God bless you, too!

  2. Emily McKinnon

    Hi, Stella! I always wanted to do ballet lessons, but I never did. But, that is probably due to the fact that I’m the eighth of ten kids… I love your interview, though! Ballet sounds so fun! Now I wish I would have done lessons…(:

    • Stella B.

      Wow! I know a homeschooling family in my area that has ten kids too! Sometimes being an only child can be lonely, so your so lucky to have that many siblings! And yes, ballet is a lot of fun, its my favorite thing to do. I’m so glad you think so too! Thanks for commenting!

      • Emily McKinnon

        Oh, I can definitely vouch for saying I’m never bored with nine siblings. Granted, only seven of us are still at home. It’s a crazy life, I can say that much. But, yes, I’ve always wanted to learn either ballet or tap dance. Of course, now I’m extremely busy with high school.. ): I’ve auditioned for plays, but that’s as far as my “talent” went. ;) You’re so lucky to have the opportunity to learn ballet! Good luck, and God bless!

        • Stella B.

          Thank you so much, God bless too!


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