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John Paul Wins Cool 2B Catholic Video Contest

I entered EWTN’s Cool 2B Catholic video contest and won the high school category. I was inspired to enter the contest because of my love for filmmaking and the desire to make a video that would be an inspiration for young men to join the Holy Priesthood. With A Day in the Life of a Priest, I wanted to dramatically capture the truly epic nature of the priestly vocation and the Sacraments and also the relatability of the priest as a human. This is a link to my full interview and the first prize video on EWTN. I am the first...

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Six Simple Ways to Safeguard Your Advent from Secularism

The holiday rush seems to come earlier every year. Our family observes this phenomenon with a mingled sense of amusement and disgust. We share a mutual roll of the eyes at the glittering displays bombarding shoppers from the day after Halloween. Instead of “holiday spirit,” we find ourselves filled with a sense of sickness by the unbridled Christmas commercialism and the flood of Christmas songs on every radio station long before Thanksgiving. Even the premature downtown decorations have lost their charm in our eyes. These attacks on the heart of Christmas are a serious reality during Advent, especially when...

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