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Life As a Missionary/Pilgrimage in the Year of Mercy

Greetings to everyone reading this article! My name is Pedro Jose Gomez Flor, and I am currently fifteen years old. As of now I live in Chiangmai, Thailand, as a Catholic missionary. There is much to explain about how God made this happen for me. Before I was born, my parents and four older siblings were missionaries in the jungle in Ecuador. Then my father got a sickness that needed treatment in the United States, so my family moved to New York, and where I and three other siblings were born. I were raised my whole life in New York,...

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The Candle Flames | A Short Story By Lucy La Fave

This story was submitted for the 2015 Winter Quarter Short Story Contest. While it wasn’t a finalist entry, the judges enjoyed it, and felt it merited being shared with the community. Congratulations, Lucy! Dust motes swung lazily to the floor of St. Laurence Chapel, and the warm coloured light of the stained glass windows began to wane as evening darkness fell across the bustling city of Chicago. Father O’Connor’s worn black rosary beads made a clicking sound as they tapped against the dark stained pew, the noises lost on the old priest as he furrowed his brow in concentration....

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