Tasha Helps Others, Builds Meditation Garden

Tasha Helps Others, Builds Meditation Garden

What did you do?

I built a meditation garden with a bench and three crosses that I named the garden of Gethsemane

What organization recognized the achievement?

American Heritage Girls

How did homeschooling help you achieve your goal?

Homeschooling helped me to manage my time skillfully.

What are your interests?

I enjoy sports, mediation of the Lord, and having fun.

What are you inspired to do with your life?

Serve God’s will.

What are your favorite subjects and why?

Is summer a subject? I’m kidding. I like science because I enjoy the effects of things happening.

On my left in the photo is my mentoring advisor Sharon Wheaton and on my right is my building advisor Joe Montes. The photo was taken at St. James the Greater Roman Catholic Church.

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