The 2016 Fall Quarter Christmas Contest

The 2016 Fall Quarter Christmas Contest

This entry period for this contest is over.

If you have any further questions, please send us a note here.

This contest has been folded into our Basket of Cheer contest. Within the next couple of weeks, we’ll let you know who is advancing through the judging rounds towards the finalists place.

If you’re on our mailing list, you’ll know as soon as we have updates!

All entries will be judged by

  1. how they have adhered to the theme and guidelines of this contest.
  2. the quality of the submission – expression, use of language, spelling and grammar.

Only submissions of the highest quality and care will make it into the contest.

We anticipate releasing the next quarter issue of the Bayley Bulletin with the winning entries around the 15th of December.

Good luck with the competition!

Contest Details

How to Enter

Register for free to enter the contest. All registrants will be part of a special emailing list to keep you updated and informed about the contest.


All submissions will be judged by grade level, with the potential for first and second place finalists for each grade.

  • 1st place: $50
  • 2nd place: $35

Contest Rules

Open to Seton high school students, grades 9-12.

Research and write about an obscure, ethnic and/or forgotten Christmas tradition. (We are not looking for family traditions that you/your family may have invented, however wonderful they may be.)

This year, instead of celebrating aspects of the Christmas season that we are all familiar with, explore your family history, your county or country’s traditions, or learn more about a tradition that is no longer remembered.

Topics can include cultural activites, particular rites, certain foods and their preparation, etc.

We see this as an opportunity for us all to learn more about how Christmas is celebrated around the world, and a way to revive interest in our many beautiful and rich traditions.

Contestants must:

  • Not use Wikipedia. You can start there as a point of reference, but do not base your article on it/use it as part of your bibliography.
  • Show your Bibliography/list of books & websites cited at the end of your submission. You should try to have around 5 sources.

For their article, contestants must:

  1. Show the origin of the tradition
  2. Discuss the way it is currently observed, if at all
  3. Explore how your and your family may observe this tradition, or what it has been like to start.

Maximum Length: 5000 words

Any questions? Ask away!

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