The Living Word: A Sonnet By Charles Foyle

The Living Word: A Sonnet By Charles Foyle

Charles Foyle is the 1st Place Winner for Grade 11 in the 2015-16 Sonnet Contest

A Sonnet Based on Chapter 20 of St. John’s Gospel 

The Christ had raised her from a life of shame
When Mary washed His feet at Simon’s board;
With two apostles early, Mary came
Into the garden to lament the Lord.
For in fair Eden’s garden Adam fell,
And in a garden Christ was crucified;
Upon the tree by death He conquered hell
And smote the mortal blow by which Death died.
The dawn as yet had not dispelled night’s gloom
And both apostles left her for their homes,
The Magdalen stood at the empty tomb,
Though Christ was nigh her, yet she felt alone.
She asked the gard’ner where He was interred,
And when He spoke she knew the living Word.

About Charles Foyle

Charles Foyle, is in eleventh grade with Seton Home Study School, his favorite subjects being English, Religion, and History. He serves Latin and English Masses and helps his brother with his yard business. In his spare time he reads G.K. Chesterton and his contemporaries, collect 78s, hunts, shoots, and fishes, and listens to classical music. One day he would like to join the FSSP.


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