The Perfect Morning | A Sonnet By Anna Regnier

The Perfect Morning | A Sonnet By Anna Regnier

Anna Regnier is the 2nd Place Winner for Grade 9 in the 2015-16 Sonnet Contest

The dewdrops melt upon the grass of dawn,
As sun beams reach across the darkened sky.
A girl walks up but sees the Man is gone,
She’d planned to rub the oil on Him who lies.
The stone removed, the veil lies on the floor.
The girl cries out, “Where did they take my Lord?”
She starts to sob and falls down in the door.
She turns to see a Man with Love outpoured.
She’s not alone for there a Gardener stands.
He kindly asks her, “Who do you look for?”
She says “My Lord”, but does not understand.
He says her name; she falls down to adore.
She’s found her Lord; He’s risen from the dead.
We’re saved from sin, as He Himself has said.

About Anna Regnier

Anna Regnier just completed her freshman year of high school and is the fifth of seven children. She loves animals and has a special passion for horses. Anna is co-owner of Blades of Glory lawn service with her brother and has recently saved up enough money to purchase her own horse. Anna also loves to read, play the piano, and sing in her Church choir.

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