Time to Grow – Becoming a More Loving Daughter of God

Time to Grow – Becoming a More Loving Daughter of God

Angela Poulin: Grade 9-10 – 2nd Place Winner
2018 What Homeschooling Has Helped Me Achieve Essay Contest

Homeschooling has truly been a gift from God as it has helped me to accomplish many personal, family, and spiritual achievements.

For a start, homeschooling is a unique way of education that has helped me to learn to become a strong and a committed student. Secondly, one significant thing homeschooling has provided is time. Much of this time has been spent as a musician, as a teacher, and as a friend and Catholic.

Thus, in giving me the time and the qualities to be a responsible student and even a better person, I see homeschooling as a gift from God.

Through homeschooling’s unique and brilliant way of education, I have had the rare opportunity to learn in my faith as a Catholic and to learn new things that I know many do not have the chance to learn.

As a Catholic homeschooler, it is such a joy to be learning my faith as a necessity in life. In an even more particular way, I am happy to learn of the Catholic faith in depth from a man who is on his way to earning his master’s in theology. This awesome man is my Dad.

My Dad’s inspiring talks and lectures on Catholicism have always motivated me to become the best Catholic I can be. In another way, I have had the awesome privilege to be in my Freshmen year as a thirteen-year-old with my two older sisters, Jasmine and Rachel.

My sisters have helped me to enjoy and to put my full commitment in each superior grade. I can never thank them enough for their continuous support. Thus, it is clear that homeschooling has helped my family to teach, inspire, and encourage me throughout my education.

In addition, homeschooling has provided the time that has been necessary for many personal achievements. Growing up in a family with a great appreciation for the art of music, it has always been my life long goal to learn to play a musical instrument, especially the piano.

Homeschooling has provided me with both the time and confidence to teach myself to fluently play the piano, and even learn a bit of guitar. I especially have grown to play the piano with delight and passion, as it is one of my favorite hobbies.

Also, homeschooling has given me the flexibility to teach my younger brother and his friend their first years of school, while still progressing in my own education.

With the time in hand, I have taught my joyful students for two years, teaching them math, and science, and teaching them how to read and write. I personally consider this experience essential if I ever hope to become a teacher when I am older. Truly, for the newfound talent of a pianist and treasured experience of a teacher, I am very thankful.

Finally, as a homeschooler, God has given me the blessings to find cherished friendships and to become closer to Him. For many years, I and my family have been involved in a small homeschooling group that holds events that we call “Fun Friday.” I started going since I was about seven years old. “Fun Friday” was held every Friday to learn of many various subjects, especially sciences.

Back when I was seven, this was the special time and place to make new friends. I met one of my closest friends there, and even now she always inspires me to become a better person.

Homeschooling has helped me to value many blessings that are the most precious to me. It is often said that a true friend helps one to get closer to God, I would definitely consider her a “true” and joyful friend.

Furthermore, it has not only been a family goal, but a personal goal as well to participate in the Mass more than once a week. Homeschooling has given the time for me to attend daily Mass when I can; it is the truest blessing to be able to receive God’s very own Body and Blood, and to visit His dwelling place almost daily.

In conclusion, no words can express my gratitude and joy of being a homeschooler. As a homeschooler, I have had the joy of receiving not only an advanced education but also learning my faith with my family. Homeschooling has provided me with the time to learn new things, to gain a teaching experience, to find my cherished friend, and to grow in a deeper love with God.

In the end, it is clear to me that God gave me the gift of being a homeschooler to achieve many things as a joyful teacher, a committed student, a blessed sister, and as a loving daughter of God.

About Angela Poulin

Angela Poulin is a thirteen-year-old Freshmen, in the Seton Study Homeschool program. She has five awesome brothers, five wonderful sisters, and two incredible parents, totaling her family to thirteen!

She loves to read and write poetry when inspired, bake for her family, and greatly enjoys playing the piano. Also, after dancing for nearly five years, Anglina is now a competitive swimmer with the rest of her family! Last but not least, she wants to share that she loves God very much as her Father, and as the King of her Heart.

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