Why I Love Seton’s Literature | An Essay by Amelia Coleman

Why I Love Seton’s Literature | An Essay by Amelia Coleman
Amelia Coleman is the 2nd Place Winner for Grade 9 in the 2017 Your Favorite Seton Course Essay Contest

I have always loved to write, but when my parents and I decided to enroll with Seton Home Study School for ninth grade, I was slightly nervous about the literature program. Friends and family warned that Seton demanded a great deal of difficult writing assignments, and that it would be difficult to stay on top of it all. Though I sometimes wondered how many hours I would have to spend stabilized on coffee during the night, cranking out essay after boring essay, I did not let these warnings deter me. Now, looking back over my freshman year, I find that my fears were groundless and the rumors false. Seton’s literature program is enjoyable, challenging but not outrageously so, and is helping me grow in my writing skills.

Seton’s literature is enjoyable. Firstly, the required reading is age-appropriate and engaging. The books are short and written in a simple, straightforward style. This does not mean that the books are shallow or trashy, like many popular stories in today’s pop-culture tend to be. Rather, they could be categorized as modern classics: well-written and streamlined but with superb plots and storylines. Secondly, Seton’s books are not only academically and spiritually beneficial, but gripping and exciting, causing the student to actually want to read them! The subject matter promotes a virtuous lifestyle and offers many life-lessons, while remaining interesting and teen-oriented. Finally, the essays are a joy to write because by writing down thoughts and ideas about the character or theme, one obtains a deeper understanding of the book. By exploring character traits, one understands more fully the strengths and weaknesses of the character in question. This makes not only the reading, but writing essays fun and interesting. As a result, Seton’s literature is very enjoyable.

Seton’s literature program is challenging, but to no extreme. For example, one must know the story through and through to be able to take the test or write the paper. While other schools may focus on the ability of the student to read the books, Seton demands understanding of the books. In order to do well on tests and essays, one must truly know the technique, story, and characters of the book. One must also understand writing concepts and techniques, such as the theme, conflict, and climax of the story. This ensures that the student will actually read the book, instead of just scanning the covers. Another reason is that there are several papers to be written, but not too many. The work required is very reasonable. Seton’s lesson plans have clear and easy-to-follow instructions, preventing confusion. Lastly, Seton’s graders are generally strict. This pushes the student to do the very best he can. Though this may sound daunting, in reality it is not. If one understands the book and the instructions, one should not have a problem. For these reasons, Seton’s literature is just challenging enough without being terribly tedious and difficult.

Seton’s literature is helping me grow in my writing skills. Firstly, I learned how to manage my time. With literature tests, book analysis, and essays to stay on top of, one must be sure to set and follow a good schedule. I found myself falling behind many times this past year, but I learned that instead of procrastinating and putting assignments off, I should get them done right away. Also, I have had wonderful practice in writing essays. I had not written many essays before I enrolled with Seton, but since then I have really caught up. This practice is helping me prepare for college. Finally, I learned how to make a good, structured outline. I did not know what an outline was before I enrolled with Seton, much less used one. Now, however, I know the importance of a good outline. My writing has improved much since enrolling with Seton.

Seton’s literature is fun, rigorous, and has taught me a lot. The books are wonderful and age-appropriate. The program is challenging but without being overly strenuous. I have learned how to write a proper essay with a strong outline. For these reasons, I am very grateful that I have had to opportunity to partake in Seton Home Study School’s literature program.

About Amelia Coleman

Amelia Coleman is the oldest of nine, and couldn’t quite call her life “quiet,” even if she’d like to. She is fifteen years old, going into tenth grade, and has been homeschooled all her life. Amelia loves to travel and learn about different cultures, languages, and places. Some activities she enjoys are photography, reading (and re-reading her favorite author, Tolkien), writing fiction and poetry, and drawing. Not surprisingly, her favorite subjects are English and geography. She also loves nature and animals (especially cats), hiking, archery, deer hunting, and wilderness survival. She loves and plays many sports, her favorite of which is basketball. She also taught herself to play the ukulele. When she’s not doing school, she can usually be found either shooting hoops with her brothers or curled up in some (semi) quiet room with The Lord of the Rings


  1. Clare

    Well done Amelia! Very well written! ;)

    • Amelia Coleman

      Thanks, Clare!

  2. Emily McKinnon

    This is amazing, Mia! Really, this is wonderful! I knew that you had it in ya! ;) Congratulations, Mia! <3

    • Amelia Coleman

      Thank you! :3

  3. Immanuel Portus

    Marvelous job, Amelia!
    Your essay shows how much writing and literature means to you.
    Keep it up and congrats!

    • Amelia Coleman

      Thank you!



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