Write for the Bayley Bulletin!

Apart from our contests, we are eager for our high school students and alumni to write in for our sections!

Special Invite: Alums & Seniors!

Are you a Seton alum or current senior? Seton Magazine is very interested in your articles. Please come on over and check out our submission guidelines. We’re looking forward to your query!

Student Submissions

Topics include how you find and work with scholarships, how you handle jobs in high school, your experience in ending and beginning high school, how sports inspires and helps you, how you stay on track.

Alumni Profile Questionnaire

Be featured in our showcase and inspire other Seton high schoolers. Simply answer the 6 questions in this section and submit to us.

Student Profiles Questionnaire

Share who you are, your interests and what homeschooling is like for you! Just answer these 6 questions, and send it in to us at the Bayley Bulletin. You can also include some photos of your adventures.

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